Where Do I Find Settings On Instagram? [Comprehensive Guide]

A comprehensive guide on where do I find settings on Instagram


Usually, few people visit their Instagram settings and in some cases, they even ask where do I find settings on Instagram.  Remember that the Instagram application is a tool in your hands, and to use it better, you must be familiar with its settings. If you want to avoid problems in using this social network and succeed in it; Don’t miss this article where I talk about “Where do I find settings on Instagram“. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks.

Of course, Instagram settings have many different sections, not all of which will be useful to you. In this article, I have reviewed and introduced things that you will need for a successful and productive Instagram activity.

How to enter Instagram settings is very simple? If you want to enter the settings with your phone; It is enough to open your profile (the profile is the small circle you see below and your photo is in it), tap on the three lines above the image. A box will open for you where you have to select the Settings option.

If you want to enter the settings with your computer browser, just click on the circle on the right side of the image where your photo is.  In this case, it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or your mobile operating system is Android.

In the next part, we will get to know the different sections of Settings.

Different sections of Instagram settings

In response to where I find settings on Instagram, it should be said that by opening the settings, you will see various options, which I am going to explain to you in this section. Note that Instagram settings have not changed much in the new update. By using the comprehensive Instagram settings guide that follows, stop worrying about working with this application and its various settings.

The settings of this social network have different sections, and for this reason, I have tried to introduce each of them to you in a classified and step-by-step manner.

Follow and invite friends


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From the name of this section, you can understand what features we are dealing with.  Using the features of this part of the settings, you can invite friends and different people to your page. By using this section, you can inform more people about the existence of your page, and for this reason, you can increase your page followers with this method. In addition, you can help increase your Instagram interaction by inviting friends and increasing followers.

In the invite friends section, the following options are available to you:

Follow contacts

With this feature, you can invite people who are in your contacts list and whose numbers you have saved, to your page.

Invite friends by WhatsApp

By clicking on this option, you will enter WhatsApp and you can send an invitation message to your page for your desired account. Currently, the use of WhatsApp is also booming and you can send the link to your page in WhatsApp groups and to different people. Follow the article Where do I find settings on Instagram?

Invite friends by email

Using this option, you can send the invitation link to your page to different people via email.

Invite friends by sms

By clicking on this section, you can send your page link to different people via SMS.

Invite friends via

When you click on this part, you can send the link to your page on the social network of your choice to different people.


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The use of this section is also clear from its name, and you can use it to set notifications for different sections of Instagram. Note that this section is important because the notification management of your page can be controlled through it.

Different parts of Notifications include the following:

Pause all

If you activate this part, all the notifications of different parts of Instagram and your page will be disabled. In the following, you will find the answer to the question “Where do I find settings on Instagram“.

Posts, Stories, and Comments

In this section, you can set Notification settings for posts, stories, and comments. Various options are available to you in this section.

Following and Followers

Using this section, you can determine whether you will receive a notification when you are followed or not.


Direct Message and Calls

In this section, you can set your Direct Page notifications so that you know if someone sends you a message. If you have a business page, try to make the settings of this section carefully; Because you have to answer your customers on time.

Live and Video

Using this option, you can set your live and video (IGTV) notifications.

From Instagram

In this section, you can control the Instagram notification system.

Instagram privacy settings – Privacy



In this section, you can make your Instagram privacy settings. Read the following explanations carefully; Because you will need it to manage your page. Different sections of Privacy settings include the following:

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Private account

Where do I find settings on Instagram: If you activate this part, your page will be private and others must follow you first to see its content. When you create your account for the first time, this section is disabled by default. Turning off the Private account option means that your page is public and all users can see your content by opening it. So if you want your page not to be public, be sure to go to this section after creating your account and activate the blue tick.

If you want to make a business or store page, this section must be disabled so that your page becomes public.


In this section, you can limit some of your accounts and followers to leaving comments and sending messages. Just go to this section and select the people you want. According to Instagram, this will not affect your Rich Page.

Hidden words

In this section, you can select some words and phrases to be hidden or limited in the comments or messages of your page. In other words, by limiting these words, those sent in comments and messages, others cannot see them. The hidden word settings are especially useful for sensitive topics and offensive words. So far in the article, you have learned to some extent where do I find settings on Instagram.


In this section, you can manage and limit the way of commenting and the people who comment.


Using the options in this section, you can set your page settings so that people do not see your likes or view posts. In addition, in the Posts settings, you can control the tagging of your page.


Use the options in the Mentions section to determine which people or accounts can mention you in their posts.


This part is also very important because stories are one of the most important contents of your page. In the Story section, you can set your stories to be saved in the archive or gallery. In addition, you can limit accounts and people to reply to the story. There are other options such as Hide story and Close friend in this part of the settings.


In Live settings, you can manage your live. Using the options available to you, you can limit the people who see your live. In addition, if you want your live to be saved in the archive; You have to enable its option here.


The Instagram guide has recently been added to this application and you can use it to classify the topics and content of your page. In this section of Instagram Settings, you can configure this feature of Instagram. Be sure to stay with us until the end of the article where do I find settings on Instagram?

Activity status

In this section, you can change the settings in such a way that your followers do not know when you are present and active.


In this section of the settings, you can limit the people who send you messages. In addition, you can determine which accounts and users can add you to the Instagram group.

Restricted Accounts

From the settings of Instagram in the new update, this is the section with the help of which you can limit certain users and accounts. This restriction is such that if that user leaves a comment without realizing it, his message will not be displayed.

Blocked Accounts

Where do I find settings on Instagram: In this Blocked Accounts, you can view the list of blocked users and manage them.

Muted Accounts

Sometimes you don’t want to unfollow someone; However, you don’t want to see his posts or stories. Therefore, you can mute the desired page so that its content will not be displayed to you. In this section, you can see the list of such accounts.

Accounts You Follow

In this section of settings, you can see a complete list of followers and people you have followed.

Security settings – Security


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This part of settings is very important and it is better to answer where do I find settings on Instagram. Therefore, I have tried to check all its parts. Keep in mind that if you do the settings in this section carefully, you won’t have to worry about losing the page or having to reset your password.

I will explain the different parts of this part of the settings below:


In this section, you can change your password or if you have forgotten it, you can recover your password using the Password settings.

Login Activity

By tapping on Login Activity, you can see the list of devices (phone or computer) on which your page or account is active. You can disable the things you don’t want in this section so that your page is disabled on that device.

Saved Login Info

By enabling Saved Login Info, you don’t need to enter your username and password every time you log in. Of course, this lowers the security of your page, and for this reason, it is usually disabled by default, and after creating an account or page, you must activate it if needed.

Two-Factor Authentication

By activating Two-Factor Authentication, you must go through two steps to enter your account or page and enter the code sent from Instagram in addition to the password. Enabling this feature increases the security of your account.

Emails from Instagram

Sometimes Instagram sends you emails that you can view in this section.

Security Checkup

In this Security Checkup, you can see a checklist of things that are important in the security of your user account. You can change them if needed.

Apps and websites

If you have an application or website that is connected to your page, you can see their list in this section.




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In this section, you can manage things related to Instagram ads. Next, I will introduce the most practical answer, where do I find settings on Instagram:

Ad topics

If you see Instagram ads that you may not like, you can manage them in this section and its special settings and limit the display of ads for your page or account.

Accounts – user account


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This section is dedicated to your account settings and you should pay special attention to this section to manage and make your page functional. Things like language and personal information are determined in this section, and you must carefully configure this section after creating your account. In the following, we can see the most useful and important parts of Account settings:

Personal Information

In the Personal Information section, you can see your personal information that can be edited and includes your email address, phone number, gender, and date of birth. According to the description of Instagram, the information in this section will not be displayed to others even if your page is public.


In this section, you can see the saved posts. In addition, you can folder them or delete them if needed.

Close Friends

If you plan to publish some of your content only to certain people, you must visit this section and specify your Close Friends.


In this section, you can set the language of the Instagram application.

Mobile data usage

Instagram settings for less internet use should be done in this section.

Original Posts

If you want to save your posts in your phone gallery, you should use this section. I hope the article Where do I find settings on Instagram has been useful for you so far.

Request Verification

If you want to get an Instagram blue tick, you should go to this section. Of course, to receive a blue tick, you must meet certain conditions.

Switch account type

In this section, you can determine whether your account is business or personal.

Add New Professional Account

In this section, you can create a new account for yourself.


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In this section of settings, you can see how to use different parts of this application and additional explanations for them. In addition, by reporting a problem, you can send your problems and requests to Instagram to be addressed.



As with any other site or application, in the About Us section, you can get complete information about Instagram’s rules and terms of use.

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You can change the user interface of the Instagram application from this section. It is enough to choose the format you want from dark and light options. In general, the default theme of the program or System Default is active.


To be able to use Instagram in the best possible way, I recommend that you read this article “Where Do I Find Settings On Instagram? [Comprehensive Guide]” carefully to get to know the different sections of its settings better. I have tried to check the Instagram settings in the new update and introduce each one. In addition, I have explained, “how to enter Instagram settings“. Familiarizing yourself with the tips in this article can save you from problems such as being hacked, losing your password, or things like that.


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