How To Deleting Instagram Account? [2 Methods]

Maybe you want to leave the world of Instagram and devote more time to the people around you. You may be tired of this platform and disturbing news and rumors and looking for a way to deleting Instagram account.

You may want to delete the old account to resume your activity with a new account and name. No matter why you want to permanently delete your account; in this article, we will teach you how to deleting Instagram account visually. Don’t worry about your information and photos!  We tell you how to save them. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks

deleting instagram account means deleting photos and videos and you will no longer have access to them. On the other hand, you can no longer create a new account with the same username! With these details, it is better to save your information first and then proceed to delete the account. At the end of the article, we will tell you how to download your data.

Before we see how to delete an Instagram account, let’s check the delete account page to get ready to delete Insta accounts forever.

deleting Instagram account menu

There is a menu on the deleting Instagram account page, which is sometimes called the account deletion menu. You must share your reason for deleting the account with Instagram by choosing one of the options in this menu.


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You can choose one of the options below

You may feel at risk and worry that your personal information will be exposed.  In this case, select this option.

  • Concerned about my data

Not everyone likes to see ads!  If you are tired of seeing them, delete your account by selecting this option.

  • Too many ads

It is not a secret to anyone that being too much on social networks will hold you back from work and life! If your situation is such that you need concentration, delete your account by selecting this option. Instagram offers you to delete the application instead of the account. It is up to you to decide on this matter.

  • Too busy / Too distracting

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Concern about privacy is a natural and appropriate concern. In this case, select this option. Instagram tries to dissuade you from deleting Instagram account; So it tells you how to block other people or make your account private. If your concern is resolved by doing these steps, you can choose to delete the account permanently.

  • Privacy concerns

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You may not have found someone to follow. In such a situation, you should choose this option and tell Instagram that something on this platform did not attract you!  Of course, Instagram tries to convince you that you can still operate on this platform by providing several methods such as using hashtags.

  • Can’t find people to follow

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If you decide to create a new account, select this option.

  • Created a second account

Working with Instagram is not easy for everyone. This option is intended for such people. Instagram suggests that you read an educational article in this field and if you are still not convinced, deleting Instagram account.

  • Trouble getting started

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You might want to delete something like a comment or you followed a user by mistake and you don’t want anyone to find out. In such a situation, you can use this option to delete your Instagram account. Instagram suggests you read a few different articles and don’t delete your account just for that reason.


  • Want to remove something

Do you have another reason to delete your Instagram account? Select this option.

  • Something else

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You are ready to permanently delete your Instagram account; So let’s check together how to delete it from the phone.

How to permanently delete an Instagram account with a phone

You may have also heard that you can only be deleting Instagram account through the website, But Instagram has made it possible to delete the account through the phone in its new updates.

Follow the steps below in the Instagram application:

1- respectively, click on the profile picture, and the “Settings” option.

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2- In this step, you should select the “Help” option and then go to the next step by clicking on the “Help Center” option.

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3- Click on the menu and select “Manage Your Account”.

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4- Go to the next step by selecting “Delete Your Account” and then click on “How do I delete my Instagram account”.

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5- Go through the description and click on the “Delete Your Account” option and enter your account details. After that, select one of the reasons and re-enter your password. Finally, delete your account permanently by clicking on the blue “Delete account name” button.

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Save Instagram information before deleting Instagram account

After your request reaches Instagram, everything in your account will be deleted; Therefore, it is better to download and save your information before taking any action. To save information, follow the steps below:

1- Log in to your Instagram account through your phone or computer browser.

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2- Click on the profile picture at the top of the page and then select the “Settings” option.

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3- Select the “Privacy and Security” option in the left menu.

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4- At the bottom of the page, click on “Request Download” in the “Data Download” section.

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5- Check your email and make sure it is correct. Select one of the options (our recommendation is HTML) and then click Next.

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6- Enter the account password and click on the “Request Download” option.

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48 hours after submitting the request, Instagram will email you a complete file containing photos, comments, and profile information. You may think that you will never need this information; But don’t forget that after deleting the account, no matter how hard you try, you will never get them.

Is it possible to restore deleting Instagram account?

This depends on whether you deleted your account permanently or temporarily. If you deleted your account permanently, you finally have until the date that was announced to you when you went through the Instagram account deletion process to get your account back, and after that, it is no longer possible.


There are several reasons for deleting Instagram account. Every user does not want to use his account on this network due to his reasons, which were fully investigated in this article. On the other hand, before deleting, you should make sure that this is correct. If you need some time to relax and unwind, hide your account temporarily instead of deleting it. But if you insist on deleting this network, in this article we have also mentioned deleting Instagram account on the phone. You can easily delete your account using your password.

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