New Post Instagram Story; How To Story The Post?

If you want to share posted content on your Instagram for any reason, making it a story is the best option. You can put your page posts in the story and attract more visitors to it; You can also share your favorite posts with your followers with the ability to share other people’s posts on Instagram.

It should be noted that the method of sharing other people’s posts on Instagram is similar to tagging your posts on Instagram stories. For a new post Instagram story, as mentioned on the Instagram website, you must follow the steps below. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks.

  1. Enter the Instagram application.
  2. Go to your profile page by touching the profile icon in the bottom bar of the screen.
  3. Under the post image, click on the Send icon.
  4. Select Add Post to Your Story Now.
  5. After the post is added to the story, you can edit it and then publish it as a story.

How to story other people’s posts on Instagram

For other people’s new post Instagram stories, you should do the same as before. It is enough to find other people’s posts instead of your post and click on the Send icon under the post. Finally, by selecting the Add Post to Your Story option, the desired post will be added to your story. Storying other people’s posts on Instagram can help share your favorite posts.

Features of tagging Post on Instagram story

After tagging a Post on Instagram story, you can make changes to it. The changes that can be applied to the story include:

1. Moving and resizing the frame

If you want to change the location of the post you added to the story, just touch and hold on to it and drag it to the desired location. You can also increase or decrease the size of the frame as you wish. For this, you need to touch the box with two fingers and zoom or unzoom it by changing the distance of your fingers.

2. Add text to the story

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After the new post Instagram story, you can add a text to explain it to your story. For this, just click on the Aa icon. Type your text and click Done. Then you can specify the location of the text as you wish.

3. Changing the background color

After tagging a new post on Instagram story, a background color matching the color of the image is automatically set for it. You can change the background color according to your taste. For this, just click on the coloring icon. Then choose your desired color from the colors at the bottom of the page. After choosing a color, you can change the background color by touching and holding on to the screen.

4. Adding stickers and emoji’s to the story

To make the stories more beautiful, Instagram allows users to use different emoji’s and stickers after tagging the new post Instagram story. These stickers have different types and topics: mention sticker, location, countdown timer, survey, quiz, etc.

Mention sticker:

One of the most widely used stickers used in stories is the mention sticker. You can mention different people in your story using this sticker. This will send a message to that person. Users can access the profile of the mentioned account by clicking on this sticker.

GIF sticker:

To make the stories of users more attractive, Instagram has provided the ability to use animated images in their stories. To add these animated images, which are called GIFs, just click on the GIF sticker in the stickers section and search for your GIF in the corresponding box. It should be noted that the use of this feature often requires the activation of the IP change tool.

5. Download the story

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You can save it in the memory of your device before the new post Instagram story. For this, just click on the icon . With this, your story will be added to the device gallery in the form of a photo.

How not to let others make stories of our posts?

So far, you have learned how to new post Instagram story. You also learned how to share other people’s posts on Instagram. Now we want to teach you how to prevent others from making stories. People who do not want their page posts to be shared by others in the story can prevent this. There are two ways to prevent others from tagging a Post on Instagram story:

  • Private page
  • Disabling post story feature

Private page

If you don’t want your posts to be shared by other users, one of the ways to prevent it is to private the page. To make the page private, you can use the instructions in the article on the private Instagram page.

Disabling the ability to tag new post Instagram story

If your page is public and you don’t want to make it private, the suggested solution for you is to disable the feature of posting stories. The steps to disable the new post Instagram story tagging feature are as follows:

  1. Enter the Instagram application.
  2. Go to your profile page by touching the profile icon in the bottom bar of the screen.
  3. Click on the 3 lines icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. From the half-window that opens, touch Settings.
  5. Enter the Privacy section.
  6. Select the Story option.
  7. To disable the Post on Instagram story tagging feature, disable the Allow Resharing to Stories option in the Story section.

After completing these steps, Instagram users will not be able to share your IGTV posts and videos.

What posts are suitable for storytelling?

Now that you are familiar with the new post Instagram story method, you can put any post you want in your story. (Provided that the page admin has allowed it.) But the question that arises is: What posts should we make stories?

Posts to share in the story are suitable to promote your page. In the following, this issue will be further explained.

New post on your Instagram story

As mentioned, one of the benefits of tagging your post in Instagram stories is increasing the number of posts and interactions between you and your page followers. You can also publish your posts in the story according to the tutorial provided in this article so that it gets more views.

Tagging interesting posts in the Instagram story

No matter what the topic of your page is, you can attract a larger audience by posting interesting fan stories from time to time. Note that the number of these stories should not be enough to neglect the main topic of the page’s activity.

Publish the story of events related to the page’s field of activity

Publish stories about events that are held in the field of your page. new post Instagram story, in addition to affecting the amount of interaction between you and your followers, makes your page gain certain credibility for itself. For example, if you are active in the field of books and reading and you are in charge of managing a page on this topic, you can publish posts about the time, place, and manner of holding local, national, and international book fairs.

The importance of new post Instagram story


A new post Instagram story can be effective in increasing the number of posts. As mentioned, the use of Instagram stories is increasing day by day and it has become very popular among Instagram users.

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Currently, the activity of most Instagram users focuses more on publishing content in the form of stories. With the provision of the story feature by Instagram, the activity of users of this virtual network in publishing posts has faced a significant decrease. Most users prefer to use stories instead of posts;

But some of the pages for which the publication of posts is of great importance, continue to produce their content in the form of posts. Such pages can benefit from the new post Instagram story feature to increase the number of visits and the effectiveness of their content. You may ask yourself: how is this possible? Your answer is the ability to tag Post on Instagram story.


In this article, we tried to fully discuss the new post Instagram story. Matters such as how to create a story for posts, the importance of this task, and how to prevent others from tagging posts on Instagram stories were discussed. They were also taught how to share other people’s posts on Instagram. We hope that the contents of this article will be useful for you regular companions of DrTricks.


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