Best Instagram Emoji’s And How To Use Them?

Best Instagram emoji’s and How to use them


When the best Instagram emoji’s first appeared in 2016, it offered new opportunities to brands as well as users. In this way, big companies and brands, popular bloggers, or even ordinary people were able to gain the trust of more people and perform more creatively on this platform. Now this same platform, which was initially just for sharing photos and videos everyday, has become a powerful sales tool that can bring you many successes if you use it correctly.

But there is a very powerful feature in stories that maybe even big brands ignore, and it is nothing but: putting an emoji in the Instagram story! It doesn’t matter whether you introduce your brand through Instagram or have a personal page; It is always fun to use the best Instagram emoji’s.

But this tool not only adds beauty to your page, but with the right use at the right time, it can make your business successful and attract many people to it. So, if you also want to know everything about them and get to know the best Instagram emoji’s, including the animated Instagram emoji, don’t miss our article today. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks


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What is an Instagram story emoji?

Story emoji are dynamic graphic tools that exist both in static and photographic forms and animated and video forms. You can easily use them in the photos and videos that you share, and there are no special restrictions in this regard. There are different types of emoji’s; From animated to clickable and even those that allow users to connect and interact directly with your story.

By the way, the name of this category is interactive emoji’s and they are considered one of the best Instagram emoji’s. Simply put, emoji’s make your stories more entertaining, and thus, your audience is more likely to connect with them.

How should we use the best Instagram emoji’s?

You can access emoji’s after recording a video or taking a photo and uploading it to your Instagram story. This option is in the emoji icon on the top right of the story settings page, and by tapping on it, you can access the most useful Instagram story emoji.


When you tap on this icon, a list of emoji’s will be displayed for you. First of all, you will see interactive emoji’s or those that can personalize and include hashtags, mentions, or adding another person’s ID in the story, location emoji’s, or all-new emoji’s. You can easily find the rest of the emoji’s by scrolling up or searching exactly what you are looking for. After finding the desired best Instagram emoji’s, just click on them to add them to your stories and show them to your contacts.


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Funny Instagram emoji’s

While practical emoji’s such as hashtags or link emoji’s are very effective, sometimes even a cute or beautiful emoji, without any special application, gives your stories a lot of credibility’s. Using funny emoji by itself can be an important aspect of your branding. Also, these types of emoji’s can be a great way to create a simpler way of communication with your contacts. In this way, your audience does not feel that they are facing a professional brand all the time; Rather, sometimes he sees you as his close friend and this makes him trust you more.

Which is the most useful best Instagram emoji’s?

So sometimes these funny emoji’s can be more useful than any other emoji. It doesn’t matter for what reason you want to use such emoji’s. In this section, we introduce to you the collection of funny emoji’s that are currently available. Note that the first few are keywords that you can use to find cute emoji’s that match the word or style you’re looking for. The following collections are related to specific artists who are worth introducing. In order not to forget, you can write down the names on this list for yourself.


The word “cute”

The first phase is almost obvious: “Cute”. You can easily see cute and beautiful emoji’s by searching for this simple phrase. These emoji are designed by various artists to make viewers feel good when they see them. Using cute little animal character emoji is a very fast way to reach people’s hearts!


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The term “Plants”; Instagram story emoji for Nowruz!

The next most used and funny phrase is “Plants”. You can use these emoji’s as the best Instagram emoji’s for Nowruz. Some people may never find flowers and plants funny, but many people are deeply affected by their cuteness and beauty. Even if you’re one of those people who don’t think plants are cute, just search this phrase and try it once and you’ll fall in love with them! Illustrations of flowers and plants are small and cartoonish and usually have a simple animation. You can use them to convey a sense of growth or change to your audience.


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The term “Pastel”

Many small businesses base their style and aesthetic on a pastel color palette. If you are one of those businesses or individuals, then you can reach the best Instagram emoji’s by searching for this phrase, which will add an attractive atmosphere to your stories. While you may come across some oddly themed emoji’s in between, most of them have a classic blue, yellow, and light pink color palette. Many of these emoji’s use funny characters and convey funny and beautiful messages to the audience of a page.


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The term “Boho”

This Instagram story emoji is another well-made emoji, especially for businesses and professional pages. These emoji’s, like pastels, inspire a calm and relaxed feeling and have autumn colors.


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The phrase “Mikyla”


From this section, we go to the list of emoticons of artists. The first emoji’s in this list are “Mikyla”. If you search for this phrase in your emoji tool, you’ll get the following options. Mikyla uses a pastel color palette and often uses simple flower and plant illustrations. Of course, sometimes he uses language that most people find funny.

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The term “Izzyink”

The next term is “Izzyink”. Besides being simple, this artist’s illustrations use more phrases instead of pictures. But even text emoji’s become cute and endearing when they are related to funny things or behaviors.


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The word “handmade”

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Using a strategy similar to Izzyink, “Handmade” emoji’s use words more than images but in a slightly different way. Hanmade uses cursive handwriting for its texts, which has its unique aesthetic, and many people consider it eye-catching and very beautiful.

The phrase “Green Dotori”

This Instagram story emoji also benefits from minimal and simple aesthetics. “Green Dotori” has simple graphic illustrations that draw the audience’s attention to other parts of your story. These best Instagram emoji are a very good option for you; Because they are both funny and practical and help you to do (Call to Action). A call to Action is an action in which you ask your audience to do something on your page; For example, leave a comment or save a post.


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In general, there are thousands of phrases that you can search for to get the best Instagram emoji’s. Here we have listed other phrases for you in summary that can lead you to the collection of emoji of different artists:

  • Wildflowerbar
  •  Latifundija
  •  Studiojonesy
  •  Ohlalalita
  •  Ketnipz

The best types of Instagram emoji’s

In the previous section, we reviewed emoji’s that make your stories interesting and fun. But those aren’t the only emoji’s you can use. Other categories of emoji’s directly help your Instagram marketing goals. Of course, there are many options in this regard and you will never be short of options. But in the following, we will introduce you to certain things that can have the greatest impact on your business.

Hashtag emoji

By adding a clickable hashtag, you can reach more users. When users click on that hashtag, they will easily reach the page related to the hashtag. Just as if they had searched for the hashtag manually. Note that you can only use one hashtag per story.

Poll emoji

This is the best Instagram emoji’s that you can ask users a question and give them two options to choose from. By default, there are yes and no answers for you. But you can change them and leave your options or even emoji’s as replies. Users tap on the emoji to answer and the results are calculated at the same time. Additionally, you can see who voted for which option. This gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your users.

Question emoji

This emoji allows you to collect ideas, feedback, and different answers from your audience with an open-ended question. After collecting, you can publish the answers in several stories and give the audience a sense of being heard.


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Location emoji

By tagging this Instagram story emoji, you can increase the reach. By tapping on the location emoji, users can access a page full of content with such an emoji. Note that you can only use one location emoji in each story.

Mention emoji or add another person’s name to your story

This is the best Instagram emoji’s that you can tag another user in your story and let them know that you did this. When someone taps on this emoji, they will go to the profile of the person you tagged.


Music emoji

With Music Emoji, you can easily add background music to your photos or videos. The music emoji allows you to select and use a soundtrack from the app (Spotify).

Countdown emoji

As the name suggests, the emoji allows you to insert a countdown timer for a specific time or date in your story. The countdown emoji is mostly used to launch a product or various events.

Instagram animated emoji or (GIF)

This Instagram story emoji is a graphic image from GIPHY that keeps repeating. GIFs are not only funny and animated, but they can also add animated calls to action such as the phrase (Follow Us) to your stories.

There are other best Instagram emoji’s like this that we can talk about for hours. We tried to introduce you to the most important, practical, and best Instagram emojis, but below we will list the rest of the emoji’s that can be used:

  • buy emoji
  • Emoji Slider or Emoji Chart
  • date emoji
  • Link emoji

At the same time, you can use several stories in combination with each other.

Creative ways to put emoji on Instagram story

In the previous sections, we introduced you to various emoji’s. But how can they be used in the best way? In this section, we share with your creative ways to use each of the emoji’s.

  • Get feedback and test different ideas
  • Hold question-and-answer sessions and get closer to followers
  • Publish user-generated content and encourage them to create their content
  • Create more engaging stories by adding background music
  • Promote your branding hashtags
  • Tag the location of the events you are going to
  • Encourage the customer to choose between your two products
  • Drive sales to your newest products


We tried to explain the best Instagram emoji to you in this article. There are different emoji on Instagram, each of which is used for different purposes. Find the best list of beautiful and funny Instagram emoji’s only in this article!


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