Why WhatsApp Contacts Not Showing?

Why WhatsApp contacts not showing?


WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat software in the world, and many users chose WhatsApp to make voice or video calls and chat. To get complete information about WhatsApp contacts not showing. stay with Dr Tricks.

Despite the high popularity of WhatsApp software, this software may sometimes have errors and problems that cause trouble for users, so it should be fixed.

These problems can be due to the wrong settings of the user and sometimes the default settings of the software and the phone cannot be changed.

One of the problems that users usually share with us is not seeing contacts on WhatsApp

In such a way that sometimes only WhatsApp numbers are displayed without the name of the contacts and sometimes WhatsApp contacts are not shown.

For this reason, in this article, we will teach you how to fix the problem of WhatsApp contacts not showing.

First of all, a few points should be mentioned about the conditions for displaying audiences and users on WhatsApp.

First, only the names of those contacts are displayed in WhatsApp who are members of the WhatsApp software and have this program actively installed on their phones.

On the other hand, the name and number of the contacts must be stored in the contact list of your mobile phone and the version of WhatsApp installed on your phone should be the most up-to-date and the latest available version of WhatsApp, because otherwise problems and bugs and errors may occur.

Regardless of the operating system used by users, not showing contacts in WhatsApp for Android and iPhone can happen, and the method of solving this problem is possible for each operating system with the same methods.

Confirm permission to access contacts on WhatsApp

One of the things we need to check is why WhatsApp contacts not showing, checking the ability of WhatsApp to reach contacts.

To do this, enter your phone’s contacts and select Settings using More options or any other option “depending on your phone’s operating system”.

Select the option called Contact to display or something close to this option (according to the surface difference in the names of different options of the operating system versions) and in the data display window, make sure that WhatsApp is selected to allow access to the audience.

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a) To prevent such a problem, you must set it to All Contact so that all the programs on the phone do not face such a problem.

b) There is an option called Customize list to choose from, by choosing which you can create your customized list to allow access to different software.

Confirm permission to access contacts for WhatsApp

If you have noticed, at the beginning of the installation of various programs, a warning is displayed for users before the final installation of software, that if this program is installed, the desired software will be able to access which part of your phone.

These sections can include any part of your phone. Camera, gallery of images and videos, location section or GPRS, phone SMS, many of these accesses are illogical.

If you are an iOS or iPhone user, you will easily be able to limit the access of an application, but this possibility, that is, the ability to limit or manage the access of different applications in the Android operating system, was activated from the Android version onwards, and If you are using older Androids, this feature called App Permissions is not available.

A) If you are a user of new versions of Android, to access your phone contacts through WhatsApp, first enter the phone settings through Settings.

B) In the settings section, according to the version of your operating system, you must enter the App or Applications or Application Manager option and select WhatsApp from the displayed list of programs installed on the phone.

C) By tapping on WhatsApp, you will enter a new window called App info, which will display all the information related to the application, which is WhatsApp here.

Click on the Permissions option to enter the application access management section.

D) If you have disabled the Contacts option from the access permissions for WhatsApp, change it to active mode by tapping on the desired button.


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If you are an iPhone user and you want to manage and set the WhatsApp access permission on your iPhone, just go to the list of active software on the phone through Settings and select the WhatsApp option to access all the desired WhatsApp settings, and you can enable WhatsApp access permission on iPhone for Contacts.

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In the next step, enter your phone’s settings, then enter apps.

Now clear cache the of WhatsApp.

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The reason is that WhatsApp contacts are not showing

One of the reasons why WhatsApp contacts not showing may be that instead of displaying a person’s name, WhatsApp will show you their phone number while you have saved their phone number in your contacts with a specific name.

This issue is due to some problems with WhatsApp sometimes it hangs and this issue causes the names of users not to be displayed on WhatsApp.

In such cases, when you only see their numbers instead of their names, you need to sync WhatsApp with your contacts again.

  • To do this, enter the phone’s Settings and look for the WhatsApp application in the Users & accounts section and select it.
  •  Then, in the REMOVE ACCOUNT section, select the REMOVE ACCOUNT option.
  •  Now run WhatsApp and select the new chat icon.
  •  In the next step, select the option of the three dots above this messenger and select Refresh.

Last word

In this article from DrTricks, we provided a tutorial on how to solve the problem of WhatsApp contacts not showing. This problem can be solved easily by using the contact settings of your phone. As a result, every time you update your contacts and add a new contact to your mobile phone, the contact’s name and phone number will be added to your WhatsApp contact list.


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