What Is WhatsApp Web And How To Use WhatsApp Web On A Phone?[2024]

What is WhatsApp Web
interesting and important for almost all WhatsApp users? WhatsApp is considered one of the most popular and popular social networks that can be used by users in two ways; Using the WhatsApp application and using the WhatsApp website. WhatsApp Web is a communication tool that allows users to easily send messages and files for free.

If you are also interested in this social network and for some reason, you want to log in and connect to it through the WhatsApp website, then don’t miss reading the What is WhatsApp Web article in DrTricks. Stay tuned with.


What is WhatsApp Web?

In the world, many users use WhatsApp social networks and many of them may need to use WhatsApp Web. One of the features of WhatsApp Messenger, which has been welcomed by many users who use its mobile application, is the possibility of using the WhatsApp web version. WhatsApp allows users to connect and use WhatsApp using its web version on their system browser.

It also can exit the web version after the user has used it and to maintain the security of the user’s information by using the method that we will discuss later on What is WhatsApp Web and to enter again by scanning the new QR code.

How to login to WhatsApp Web

To log in and use WhatsApp Web, you do not need to download software, only your system must be connected to the Internet. To start, open your favorite browser and enter the WhatsApp website http://web.whatsapp.com. At the top of the page, there is an option called WhatsApp Web that you need to select.

Now a QR code will be displayed on the screen, which you need to scan using the WhatsApp application on the phone.

For this purpose, you must open the WhatsApp application on the other device and select the three dots icon at the top of the screen. Now select Linked Devices from the options.

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Now a page will open for you where you have to select Link a device option.

At this stage, you must place its camera in front of the QR code on the WhatsApp web page to scan the code. Note that if you want to enter WhatsApp without scanning the QR code for your next logins, you must check the Keep me signed in option before scanning the code. After scanning the code, you will be connected to WhatsApp and you can use it.


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Guide to using WhatsApp Web

The space of WhatsApp Web is exactly like its application version, just note that if you are using WhatsApp Web on a laptop or computer, you cannot use voice and video calls directly, but you can use emulators to do this. Stay tuned to What’s WhatsApp Web.

How to use WhatsApp Web on a phone?

After entering WhatsApp, you must know all the options and icons available in it to be able to use it.

Chat What is WhatsApp Web?

To view chats, you can use the menu on the left, where all your conversations are displayed in chronological order. To chat with your friends, you can find them from this section or you can search for their names in the top box of this section and enter the chat page with them by selecting their profile.

Sending messages to friends is exactly like the version of WhatsApp on mobile, that is, you type the desired text and select the send option.

WhatsApp web status

One of the features of WhatsApp is the ability to share stories and see statuses with friends.

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This feature also exists on WhatsApp Web and is available to users. To view the status (stories), select the status icon at the top of the screen. Now you can see their status by selecting the name of your audience on the left side.

What’s WhatsApp Web settings

To enter the settings section, select the option of three dots, then a new menu will open for you, the options of which are as follows:

New group: You can use this option to create a new group.

Profile: In this section, you can make your profile settings, such as changing your name, writing a biography, and changing your profile picture.

Archived: WhatsApp can archive your chats. You can archive very old chats that you no longer access. Archived chats are displayed in this section.

Starred: In this section, you can see the marked messages.

Setting: Notifications and blocked accounts are managed in this section. You can also enable or disable notifications and turn off message previews in this section.

Log out: This option is related to logging out of WhatsApp Web, that is, you must use this option to log out of WhatsApp Web.

Send file in chat

To send the file to your friends, you must select the clip icon on the chat page with them. Note that if you intend to send several files in different formats, zip them (right-click on the files and select send to zip) and then send.

There are several options for sending the file and using the clip; The first option is to send photos and videos from the gallery. The second option is related to sending stickers. The third option is to use a camera or webcam. The fourth option for sending files is to send PDF or Word, etc. The last option is related to sending the information of one of the audience that you can send to someone.

Edit profile

You can edit your profile on WhatsApp Web. Change your profile picture or edit your bio. To visit this section, you must click on your photo at the top of the page.

Using multiple WhatsApp accounts on one system

You can only log into one WhatsApp account on each browser. If you have multiple accounts and want to activate WhatsApp Web on all of them, you can use two methods.

The first method is to use the incognito mode of Google Chrome. To use it, you must select the three dots option in the Chrome browser and then select the New Incognito Windows option. Now enter WhatsApp Web on a new page and activate your new account.

The second method is to use multiple browsers, where you can activate your first account on Chrome and activate the next account, for example, on the Firefox browser. In the continuation of the What is WhatsApp Web article, we will learn how to change the text font.

Change text format in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web allows its users to change the text format. This option has the following features:

Bold text: You must place your text between two asterisks (*).

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Italic text: put the desired word between two underscores (_).

Underline text: You can underline your writing. To do this, you need to put the text between two ~.

Change the font to monospace: If you want to change the font of your text, you need to put it between threes, for example, “Randeno is a bridge between sellers and buyers. “

Change WhatsApp web chat background photo

To change the background photo of your chat, you must select the three dots option at the top of the screen and enter the settings, select the Setting option, and then select the Chat wallpaper option. In this step, choose one of the available images you like.

How to log out of WhatsApp Web? 

There are two ways to exit WhatsApp Web.

1. Log out of WhatsApp Web through the web version:

Select the three dots option at the top of the screen, then select the Logout option. To ensure you log out, wait until the WhatsApp Web login screen reappears.

2. Logging out of WhatsApp Web

Through the WhatsApp of the device with which you scanned the QR code (tablet or mobile), that is, you can use it to check the logins made with the web version of WhatsApp and log out of WhatsApp Web:

First, you must select the three dots option at the top of the screen and then select the Linked Devices option. Then, in the Device status section, you will see the list of all browsers that have entered your WhatsApp with the time of their entry. Then select the desired connected device and select the Logout option to disconnect it.

The problem of connecting to WhatsApp Web through the phone

The user may not be able to connect to WhatsApp on the mobile and see a message on WhatsApp Web titled Phone not connected, which means the user’s phone is not connected to the Internet.

After connecting the phone to the Internet, it should reopen WhatsApp Web, and if it still encounters the problem, then the problem is probably with the Internet. So far you have met What’s WhatsApp Web.

Problem connecting to WhatsApp web through laptop and computer

If the user encounters the message Computer not connected in a yellow box while working with WhatsApp Web on a laptop or computer, it means that the computer’s connection to the Internet has been disconnected. After solving this problem, you should open WhatsApp Web again or exit it. If there is still a problem, you should log out of your account and log in again in the browser.


In this article, we discussed the topic of What is WhatsApp Web. If you cannot always and permanently check your new messages and access your messages through your phone and you use other systems more, you can access your messages using WhatsApp Web. Remember that after you are done with WhatsApp Web, log out using the method we mentioned to maintain your security and privacy.


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