Where WhatsApp Backup Is Stored ?[On Android, iPhone, iCloud & Computer]


Maybe it has happened to you that after buying a new phone, you want to install WhatsApp and save all your chats. You should know how to back up all your data and chats before deleting the old WhatsApp. But the question is, where WhatsApp backup is stored?

WhatsApp has allowed users to save all their information and transfer it to a new device using the backup option. In the meantime, some people do not know where WhatsApp backup is stored.

Stay with Dr Tricks in the rest of this article to find out where WhatsApp backup is stored on your Android device, iPhone, and computer.

Where is WhatsApp backup stored (Android)

One of the easy ways to back up WhatsApp is to set up an automatic backup and a manual backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive, which can be used at any time.

Another reason to create a local backup of WhatsApp is to transfer its data to an iPhone or another Android phone.

The local memory of the Android phone is one of the WhatsApp backup storage locations. You can see the steps for backing up WhatsApp Locally on the Android phone below.

1. Backup WhatsApp to local storage on an Android phone

Android phone always has an encrypted backup of WhatsApp stored in the phone’s internal memory. Hence, the steps to save WhatsApp in the local storage space of the Android phone are the same as making a manual backup of WhatsApp. Follow the article where WhatsApp backup is stored.



1- Open WhatsApp. Click on the three dots and select Settings from the drop-down menu.


2- From the settings page, go to Chats > Chat backup.

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3- On the next page, click Backup to create a copy of WhatsApp data on your Android phone’s internal memory.

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Note: Click Include videos if you have enough storage space on your phone to include WhatsApp videos.

2- Backup WhatsApp only to local storage on an Android phone

1– In this method, to prevent WhatsApp data from being stored in Google Drive and force WhatsApp to back up only in the internal memory of the Android phone, do the following steps.

2– Open WhatsApp and click on the three dots and select Settings from the drop-down menu.


From the Settings screen, go to Chats > Chat backup and tap Backup to Google Drive.

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3– In the pop-up window, select Never.

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4– Now tap on Back Up. Now you can see that the WhatsApp backup process takes place only in the local memory of the Android phone.

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The above steps will save the data in the local storage space of the Android phone. Also, if your phone has an SD card, the WhatsApp backup file will be saved in the SD card.

Where WhatsApp backup is stored (on Android phones)

Local WhatsApp backups are located under Device Storage > WhatsApp > Databases. If you are using an SD card, local WhatsApp backup can be found in SD Card > WhatsApp > Databases.

You can also access the local WhatsApp backup storage using My Files or the File Manager app on your Android phone.


1- Open the My Files app on your Android phone

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2- On the next screen, tap on Device Storage or SD Card (if your phone has an SD card).


3- Then go to the database of the WhatsApp folder

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4- In the database folder, all the WhatsApp backup files, including the latest backup you just created.

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Where is WhatsApp backup stored? (Iphone)

If you use iPhone to chat with your friends, you have several options to backup and access WhatsApp backup data.

These messages are usually stored using one of Apple’s proprietary platforms instead of WhatsApp servers, so where WhatsApp backups are stored depends on how WhatsApp data is backed up.

Here are two common ways to save WhatsApp messages for later use.

Where WhatsApp backup is stored? (iCloud)

iCloud Drive is a popular online storage platform that can automatically back up all WhatsApp data, including messages, photos, and other attachments on iPhone.

  1. Where WhatsApp backup is stored
  2. (iCloud), go to Settings on your iPhone, tap the Apple ID button, and select iCloud.
  3. Next, you need to find WhatsApp in the list of apps and activate it if you haven’t already.
  4. After logging in, you must open WhatsApp and go to the settings menu and select Chats and then Chat Backup.
  5. You have several options, including running a backup right now, specifying an interval for regular backups, and deciding whether to back up media.


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To answer the question of where WhatsApp backup is stored?, you need to open WhatsApp and go to settings, choose Chats, and finally, Chat backups.

After ensuring the chats are saved, you can easily uninstall and install WhatsApp. With this, you can easily access WhatsApp backup on your phone and use your old chats without changing your phone number or Apple ID.

Enable WhatsApp Backup Save to iTunes

Another effective data management tool that is very useful for backing up WhatsApp messages is iTunes. This program works well with all Apple devices, including iPhones, and is very convenient to back up all phone data and save it to a PC. I hope you have learned so far in the article where WhatsApp backup is stored.

However, this method cannot selectively save WhatsApp data and can only transfer the entire contents of the phone to the computer. To back up your conversations using iTunes, you must:

Step 1.  First, connect the phone to the computer with a cable, unlock the phone, and then launch iTunes on the computer. You need to click on the Device icon and then on the Backups button.

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Step 2.  When you use iTunes to save WhatsApp messages, they are stored locally on your computer, and you can find them on your hard drive. To see this data, you need to open the Library and then go to the application support, and from there, select Mobile Sync and Backup.

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Where WhatsApp backup is stored (on the computer)

For the convenience of its users, WhatsApp has also provided a dedicated computer program that you can install on your system and use its features. You can even link the WhatsApp app on your PC to your mobile phone to text, record, share voice notes, send pictures and videos, and make voice and video calls from your computer.

What you can find on your PC are WhatsApp cache files and logs. It also keeps the temporary data that you use while using it on your PC.


However, like encrypted backups on the phone, you can’t read cache data like a regular file. To know where WhatsApp backup is stored, do the following steps.

  1. Open File Explorer on your PC.
  2. Select the This PC section on the left side of the File Explorer window. This option allows you to search your entire PC using the search bar.
  3. Type WhatsApp in the search bar. Then press Enter on your keyboard to start the search.
  4. The search takes some time; Because this will search the entire computer, But at the end of it, you will see the cache or log files available for WhatsApp.

Some sites mention that you can find your WhatsApp messages in the Downloads folder of your PC, But this article is entirely wrong.

While the Downloads folder is the default folder for downloading from WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for PC, you can choose another folder to save your WhatsApp files; So, while you can’t find old messages this way, it’s an excellent way to find downloaded images and other media files.

Follow the steps below to know where WhatsApp backup is stored and to find the downloaded WhatsApp media files on your PC.

1- Log in to WhatsApp Web or open the WhatsApp PC app on your computer and select the chat from which you want to download a media file.

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word image 1470 16 | Dr Tricks


2- In the next step, move your pointer over the media file you want to download. This file can be a video, image, audio, or document. You will see a downward arrow in the upper right corner of the file; click on it. A drop-down menu will open.


3- In the drop-down menu, you will see several options; you can choose one related to the image and click Download to download it. This will download the image to your computer.

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4- Then open the File Explorer program on your PC and go to the Downloads folder. There you will see the image you downloaded from WhatsApp.


WhatsApp data backup allows users to download their accounts to a new device to restore all messages. Using the WhatsApp backup methods mentioned in this article, you can back up all your WhatsApp data on different devices and then use your data on the new device.

After the backup, you need to know where WhatsApp backup is stored so that you can restore all the data that we have explained all the methods.

he data that we have explained all the methods.

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