How To Save Another User’s WhatsApp Status Video? [3Ways]

How to save another user’s WhatsApp status video? 

WhatsApp allows users to upload images and videos as daily status updates. Since these status updates are automatically deleted by WhatsApp after 24 hours, some users want to save WhatsApp status videos and images on their devices. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks to tell you how to save another user’s WhatsApp status video.

An easy way to save WhatsApp status images is to take a picture of the status. However, this method does not work to save WhatsApp status videos.

Hence, a better way to save WhatsApp status videos and images is to access the hidden folder “statuses.” on your device, where WhatsApp keeps the status upload for 24 hours.

On the Android phone, the hidden folder “statuses.” It is easily accessible using File Manager or using ES File Explorer App.

On iPhone, WhatsApp status videos can be recorded using the screen recording feature available on iOS devices.

1. Save WhatsApp status videos on Android phone using File Manager:

Every time you view a status on WhatsApp, that status is automatically saved in a hidden statuses folder on your device for 24 hours.

Hence, you can save another user’s WhatsApp status video, the easiest way to save WhatsApp status videos and images on your Android phone is to access the statuses folder of your device using “File Manager” and copy the status videos and images it

On Samsung phones, the “File Manager” is labeled as “My Files”. On Xiaomi, Motorola, and most Android mobile phones, it is titled “File Manager”.

The easiest way to access File Manager is to search for “File Manager” in Google Assistant.

On Samsung phones, you can access File Manager by tapping All Apps < Tools > My Files. On stock Android phones, you can access the File Manager in the App Drawer. Follow us on how to save another user’s WhatsApp status video.


1. Open File Manager on your Android phone.

2. Go to Device Storage WhatsApp Media using File Manager.

word image 875 2 1 | Dr Tricks

3. After the WhatsApp Media folder opens, tap on the 3-dot icon from the top right corner of the screen and tap on the Show Hidden Files option (see the image below).

word image 875 3 1 | Dr Tricks

4. Next, on the Statuses folder tap

word image 875 4 1 | Dr Tricks

5. In the folder “Statuses.” Select the WhatsApp status videos you want to save and copy them to another folder.

Tip: To keep all your WhatsApp images in one place, copy the WhatsApp images to the “WhatsApp Images” folder and copy the WhatsApp videos to the “WhatsApp Video” folder.

If you can’t find File Manager on your device, you can skip this method and use the second method.

2. save another user’s WhatsApp status video (save using ES File Explorer on an Android phone):

If File Manager is not available on your device, you can use the ES File Explorer app to copy WhatsApp videos and images from the WhatsApp folder “Statuses.”

1. Download and install the ES File Explorer app from Google Play Store.

2. Next, open the ES File Explorer app > tap on the 3-line icon and enable the Show Hidden Files option.

word image 875 5 1 | Dr Tricks

3. Next, tap the 3-line icon and then tap Local > Internal Storage in the drop-down menu.

word image 875 6 | Dr Tricks

4. Then tap on WhatsApp > Media > Statuses.

word image 875 7 2 | Dr Tricks

5. Select the WhatsApp status images and videos you want to copy and paste into the new folder. Now you can save another user’s WhatsApp status video.

3. Save WhatsApp status videos on iPhone using the screen recording feature:

Unlike Android devices, iOS devices do not have a File Explorer app. However, iPhone users can still save WhatsApp status videos using the built-in screen recording feature.

The screen recording feature is not automatically added to the Control Center by default. Hence, you must first add the screen recording feature to the Control Center before you can use it.

1. Tap Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.


word image 875 8 2 | Dr Tricks

2. On the Customize Controls page, tap the green button next to “Screen Recording” and it will be added to the Control Center.


word image 875 9 1 | Dr Tricks

3. Once the screen recording feature is added to the Control Center, you can record videos and WhatsApp status images at any time by swiping from the bottom of the screen and tapping the Record button (see image below)


word image 875 10 1 | Dr Tricks


Above we mentioned three ways to save another user’s WhatsApp status video. Use these tricks and easily save videos and photos that your friends and acquaintances put in their statuses.


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