How To Get Verified On WhatsApp, And Set Up?


If you have a problem with how to get verified on whatsapp, this article will provide you with a suitable guide. In this article, we intend to learn how to set up WhatsApp and verify the contact number. So stay tuned with Dr Tricks.

An introduction regarding how to get verified on WhatsApp

The popular application WhatsApp requires you to enter and confirm a specific contact number to enable the use of its services. This contact number can be from anywhere in the world, so there is no geographic or location restriction for using the WhatsApp messaging application. How to get verified on WhatsApp is how you specify your country of residence. In this situation, WhatsApp will automatically identify the country code. Then you will enter your phone number in a special field and wait for the confirmation code.

How to get verified on WhatsApp can be received in two different ways. The first method is related to sending an SMS to the registered number, but in the second method, a voice call will be used. Unfortunately, many users have problems with setting up WhatsApp and how to get verified on WhatsApp. Therefore, we felt it necessary to prepare a special article in this regard and discuss how to get verified on WhatsApp in it.

How to set up WhatsApp and verify my WhatsApp business number

To set up and how to get verified on WhatsApp, there is no need to go through a complicated process. First, download the latest version of WhatsApp and install it on your Android device. Connect your Android phone or tablet to a reliable and high-quality internet network.

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After connecting your Android device to the Internet, launch the WhatsApp application. In this situation, two main fields are presented in the above photo. In the above field, you must select the country of your residence where the SIM card operator you want to serve is. As soon as you select the country you want, its prefix will be added in the left part and the part we have displayed with the magnifying glass circle.

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Now you have to enter your phone number in the field below and front of the country prefix. After entering the desired contact number, you need to touch the Next option. Be careful that the contact number you enter must be active and available to receive the confirmation code.

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After touching the Next option in the WhatsApp program, you will be redirected to a page similar to the above photo. You have to wait a bit for WhatsApp to send a 6-digit verification code to the number you entered. This action is done by sending an SMS. As soon as you receive the SMS containing the 6-digit code from WhatsApp, enter the desired 6-digit code in the field of the WhatsApp application. In this way, the process of setting up WhatsApp and verifying the contact number is completed.

But if for any reason at this stage of how to get verified on WhatsApp, you did not receive the 6-digit code after a few minutes, check your contact number. If you have entered the wrong number, you must touch the blue Wrong Number option and take action to correct your number. Then you wait for the 6-digit WhatsApp verification code to be sent to your correct number. But if the number you entered is correct and you did not receive an SMS after providing the 6-digit WhatsApp verification code, you can touch the Resend SMS option to ask WhatsApp to send you the verification code again in the form of an SMS.

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If the code is not sent to you at this stage of how to get verified on WhatsApp, you can touch the Call Me option. In this way, WhatsApp will try to make a voice call to your number.  After you answer this call, a 6-digit number confirmation code will be read to you. Enter it in the confirmation field of the WhatsApp application code to complete the process of setting up WhatsApp and verifying the contact number.

Last word

If you did not receive the six-digit code by SMS.

  • Wait a while and try again. This may take up to ten minutes.
  • Please do not guess the code, this action will lock the number verification step for some time.
  • If the time runs out before receiving the code, the call request option will appear. Select the call me an option and wait a few moments for your phone to ring. When you answer, an automated voice tells you the six-digit code. Type it to verify my WhatsApp business number. 

In case of an error, please do the following:

  • Turn off your phone and turn it on after 30 seconds.
  • Delete WhatsApp Business and download the latest version.
  • Send an SMS as a test to the same number you have given to WhatsApp.

Note: For security reasons, there is no other way to send the verification code.



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