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WhatsApp has always had many critics and fans in the world of technology, and despite having many users around the world, it has many advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp?

One of the advantages of WhatsApp is to disable receipts for read messages

By default, WhatsApp sends read receipts to users to let them know that you saw the text. But if you want to remain anonymous, it is possible to disable this mode.

For this purpose, after opening the software, touch the three dots in the upper right part (lower right in the iOS operating system) and enter the settings. Then, from the “Account” section, select the “Privacy” option.

Status update

WhatsApp always allows users to specify their status briefly in the profile, but most users probably never change it after choosing one of the available options. However, recently a feature has been added that allows users to update their status just like Instagram or Snapchat.

To use this feature, enter the “Status” section and select “Update Status”. Then you can choose a photo from the phone gallery or take a new photo through the software itself. Plus, you can make a short video by touching and holding the camera button.

Send group messages

Imagine you want to send a specific message to a group of people, but you don’t want to create a new group to do so. Some people may suggest using Facebook instead of Messenger, which also has its problems.

This is where “Broadcast” has emerged as one of the most attractive features of WhatsApp and provides the possibility of sending a batch of messages. To use this functional feature, you can select “New broadcast” by touching “Menu” in the Android operating system. In iOS, you can directly select “Broadcast Lists”.

Voice call

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WhatsApp is primarily a messenger, but it also supports various features such as voice calls and video calls. Users can simply enter the “Calls” section, touch the button at the bottom of the screen and start a voice conversation.

In this section, in addition to the phone icon, there is also a camera through which you can make video calls with friends. Stay with us in the continuation of the article’s advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp.

Using (WhatsApp Web)

If you are busy at work and cannot use your mobile to continue chatting, “WhatsApp Web” will be suitable for you.

To use this service, select “WhatsApp Web” from the WhatsApp menu on Android or the settings on iOS. Then through this link, enter the WhatsApp website with your personal computer and then scan the displayed QR code to create a link between your accounts. Finally, the rest of the conversation can be continued through the large screen, along with the keyboard.

Preparing a support version of chats

Undoubtedly, previous messages are important to some users and some people don’t want to lose them when they switch phones or similar. In this case, making a backup copy of them will be very important; A thing that WhatsApp does for you simply.

In the iOS operating system, first, enter the settings and select “Chat Backup” by touching “Chat Settings”. Make sure “Auto Backup” is enabled for automatic backup; Otherwise, you can create a new backup by selecting “Back Up Now”. The created files will also be sent to your iCloud account to stay safe.

The steps to do this on Android are similar to iOS; With the difference that the information provided is automatically saved in the Google Drive service.

The ability to make a backup is one of the most important features of WhatsApp. Do not miss the continuation of the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp.

Starring messages

Another one of the most useful features of WhatsApp is the ability to start a specific text among the multitude of sent messages to find it in the future.

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To do this, simply hold your finger on a specific text to reveal the top bar with various options, including a star shape. To read starred messages, after entering the desired chat, select “Starred Messages’ from the upper part of the screen. From this section, users can review their favorite texts that they have already saved and find them with the help of available arrow signs.

Advantages of WhatsApp

Ability to use WhatsApp only on one device

Do you want to use WhatsApp on your tablet? Or maybe you want to log into your WhatsApp account on your personal computer through a web browser and stay online? In both cases, this feature is for people who want to log into their account at work or home and remain online; it’s too important. In fact, by using such a feature, the user can use messaging on different devices daily without having to log in multiple times to his messenger account. Unfortunately, we have to say that if such features are important to you, you should avoid WhatsApp; Because this issue is one of the negative points of WhatsApp.

You can use WhatsApp only on one device. It is not possible to use WhatsApp accounts on several personal phones in parallel until now. Learning the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp is the best way to choose.

Store information in an insecure manner


The WhatsApp messenger in the Android operating system stores its data in the SD Card partition without any special partitioning; In this way, any application that has permission to access the file can easily view this information. This is one of the negative points of WhatsApp, which can certainly change your decision to use WhatsApp if you care about privacy and sending/receiving images and videos in this messenger.

Thus, even the end-to-end encryption system promised by WhatsApp will not work to prevent the misuse of your photos and videos.

One of the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp is the inability to change sent messages

WhatsApp recently added a feature to this messenger so that users can delete sent messages; In this way, these messages will also be deleted from that user’s WhatsApp. But it is easy to understand one of the negative points of WhatsApp; Suppose you mistyped a word or simply the automatic error detection system made a mistake, in this case, it is not possible to edit and correct that mistake and you just have to delete the entire message!

It is certain that this method of message management is not at all user-friendly and is considered illogical. A large number of competing messengers, such as Telegram and even Skype, have provided their users with the ability to edit sent messages for a long time.


In this article, we tried to get to know some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp. These advantages and disadvantages help us to have more comfortable conditions when using the WhatsApp program.

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