How Long WhatsApp Status Last? [ All About Posting Status On WhatsApp ]

How long WhatsApp status last? A question that most users who are new to this instant messenger don’t know. These people think that WhatsApp status is something like a profile that lasts a long time, and they can change it whenever they want. At the same time, some other users have the opposite idea of ​​this story. In their opinion, the story on WhatsApp will be deleted after a short time.

The thoughts of some others are very interesting; they think that WhatsApp status can only be seen once, and like long-term photos, it will be deleted after one look. Of course, obtaining this information does not require much time, and after working with the program a few times, they will understand its routine.

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One of the most important facilities that WhatsApp has provided for its users is the possibility of adding a status to the user profile. WhatsApp status allows the users of this messaging program to upload an image, text, or even a video in their user profile so that other users who visit their profile can see this status. WhatsApp status, in terms of definition, is almost like the Bio section in Telegram, which deals with a brief definition of you and your status.

But in terms of structure, WhatsApp status is similar to the Instagram story where you can save an image, video or text as a status. In the following, we provide you with complete explanations about how long WhatsApp status last. Stay tuned to DrTricks for more information.

WhatsApp status and its durability


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As you know, WhatsApp status is one of the challenging features of this messenger, which has almost the same function as an Instagram story, and you can share it with all your contacts without sending content or a file to a specific person. Based on the name they have chosen for this feature, its nature can be understood, story, status. The content is only to show the situation of the users at the moment, and if you want to use it, you have to status your biography at the moment.


This section tells the story and status of the users on the same day. We can answer how long WhatsApp status last; that’s why the designers of this section have determined the durability of WhatsApp status for a maximum of 24 hours. Of course, many efforts have been made in the field of program design and peripheral software to increase the duration of WhatsApp status. Still, because this feature was designed and implemented by the original company, it does not accept any changes.

How long WhatsApp status last?

As mentioned, this feature is designed with the purpose of sharing your current situation and tells your story in the moment; it has a short life and cannot last more than one full day. Of course, in the meantime, it has features that you can use when you post a status, which include the following:

Apply appearance changes

One of the main reasons for the popularity of WhatsApp status is its changeability. That is, you can easily change its filter, add text to the image and caption, design it if needed, and finally, change its size and rotation type. These features can be implemented before making a story.


Hide WhatsApp status

During the 24 hours that the WhatsApp story is running, in some cases, we may want to disable the status that we put in WhatsApp for some of our contacts. Using this method, you can make status visible only to a certain number of your contacts and remove other contacts from the list of people who can see it. To hide WhatsApp status from specific contacts, we will do the following. Stay with us in the continuation of the article for how long WhatsApp status last.


  1. Go to the Status tab.
  2.  Select the Status privacy option through the three dots option at the top of the screen.
  3.  Choose one of the options below


  • My Contacts option to share WhatsApp status with all contacts
  •  My Contacts except the option to select people you don’t want to see your WhatsApp status (creating a black list)
  •  Only share with the option to select those who can see your status. (create a white list)

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Delete WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. But in some situations, we may want to clear our status before the standard 24 hours are up. To delete the WhatsApp status, we proceed in the following order:


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  1. Go to the Status tab.
  2.  Select the three dots next to My status.
  3.  Hold your finger on the desired status for a few seconds.
  4.  Select the delete option from the top of the page.


Put WhatsApp status

To put status in WhatsApp, we will act in the following order. We suggest you continue reading the article “how long WhatsApp status last.”


  1. Run the WhatsApp program and open the Status tab first.
  2. Now you can put an image or video as your status using the green option similar to the camera at the bottom of the screen. Note that in addition to using images and files from your gallery, you can take a direct photo using the button at the bottom of the screen and record a video of a few seconds by holding your finger on the button.
  3. After selecting the desired status, you can also write a caption and then select the send option. Also, before sending, you can apply filters to the video or photo you want by using your finger.
  4. Also, using the pencil-like option at the bottom of the status screen, you can write and place a text as your WhatsApp status.

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Forward WhatsApp status to chats

Some cases may also occur in which it is necessary to send the status that we put in the WhatsApp status to others. This very useful item can also be used for old statuses to send them to others in the chat environment. The steps to forward WhatsApp status are as follows. We suggest reading the article about how long WhatsApp status last until the end.


  1. Go to the Status tab.
  2.  Select the three dots next to My status.
  3.  Select the forward option next to your desired status, which looks like an arrow.
  4.  Select the contacts you want and then touch Send.

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Delete other people’s status

Sometimes notifications of other people’s statuses may disturb us. Especially people who post a lot of statuses on WhatsApp a day, and generally, their statuses are not very interesting to us. One of the ways to close the WhatsApp status of others and hide their statuses is to use the method of removing the status from notifications, which can be done in the following way:


  1. Go to the Status tab.
  2.  Hold your finger on one of the statuses sent by the target audience for a few moments.
  3.  Select the Mute option.



Considering how long WhatsApp status last, the duration of WhatsApp status is 24 hours, and during this time, you can delete it whenever you want; otherwise, it will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. This feature cannot be changed according to the company’s design, even if many software are designed and produced for this purpose. Of course, you can use this feature unlimitedly; that is, there is no specific number as a story limit, and you can put ten files in the story per day.

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