Why TikTok Is Bad For Society? [ 7 Reasons Why TikTok Is Harmful ]

With 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is now an influential social network and since it was launched in 2016, exposed the world to a great wave.  But why TikTok is bad for society, like all other social networks, TikTok is not all beauty and utility; But it has a dark side that you might want to reconsider using. Stay tuned with DrTricks.

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Why TikTok Is Bad For Society?


In this article, 7 reasons are mentioned that show why TikTok is bad for society.

1- Chinese influence

While it’s unfair to measure all Chinese apps with the same stick, it’s an undeniable fact that TikTok has had a lot of margins around Chinese owner ByteDance over the years.  Some of the controversies surrounding TikTok and its Chinese owner are listed below:

  • Following the regional problems that occurred; TikTok was removed from the Hong Kong section.
  • Any person in the main country of China who owns China Mobile, China Telecom or China Unicom; Can’t use TikTok.
  • In August 2020, after Donald Trump took office as president, the United States government announced that it had evidence that ByteDance might want to take measures against the country’s security and banned the use of TikTok in the United States.
  • India also banned the use of TikTok in June 2020; Because the Indian government had declared that TikTok is harmful to the unity, unified governance, military defense, public order and security of the states.


2- TikTok is harmful for your brain


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But the question is why TikTok is bad for society? The format of TikTok videos is such that when you use it for more than 90 minutes a day; It causes distraction and lack of mental attention.

The problem is so serious that TikTok itself has had to take a series of measures, hiring famous influencers to ask users to take a break and creating pop-up warnings that encourage users to stop scrolling.

3- Censorship

We see a mess of filters and censorship all over TikTok. You get censored for no reason, or you get too many views. Users who object to racist videos; face a decrease in visits and popularity.

Due to the problem of removing tags, users in some countries are completely marginalized, and there is no list of banned words and phrases. It is not clear whether content management is done by artificial intelligence or by humans!

If you think all these are rumors; Come and see the confidential documents published in The Intercept in March 2020; Take a look. According to these documents, moderators should remove posts that are too weak, ugly, or incompetent.

4- Don’t try dangerous challenges at home


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Social media challenges are nothing new. Most are fun and harmless and often designed for a good cause. Who can forget prevalent challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Mannequin Challenge?

However, why TikTok is bad for society? Some of these challenges veer into dangerous territory, where things get worrisome. The Planking Challenge was one of the first examples, forcing people to put themselves in vulnerable positions, such as on top of skyscrapers and birches or train tracks, and take a picture of themselves for Instagram.


Meanwhile, TikTok has taken the idea of ​​dangerous challenges to extremes. The penny challenge, where you toss a coin between the wall outlet and the plug, has caused house fires. The skull fracture challenge, which involves people falling on purpose, has been accompanied by many injuries and damages.

Another challenge, it encourages students to steal and vandalize school property, and several students have been arrested, and schools are left with the cost of repairing the broken property.

So the answer to why TikTok is bad for society can be said that all these things make TikTok entirely inappropriate for students and children, but what can be done if they are still using it?


5- Gathering information


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For better or worse, almost all users have accepted that all mobile apps track us somehow. While social networks were always one of the worst culprits, TikTok’s data collection techniques are terrible.

TikTok states in its policy that it collects information about sending or receiving messages and what you write. Yes, TikTok can actively watch what you send to your friend in a letter, Even if you never hit send.

Also, the TikTok app requests access to phone model, screen resolution, current operating system, phone number, email address, location, keyboard typing pattern, contact list, and more. In the continuation of the article, why TikTok is bad for society, stay with us.


6- Security problems

Many researchers have found security vulnerabilities in the TikTok application, from hackers using SMS to gain unauthorized access to accounts to issues with using HTTP and HTTPS when serving video and many other minor and major security issues that have been revealed in recent years.

7- Disturbing contents

Almost all research shows that social networks are harmful to your mental health and mind. They take your brain’s energy and focus in many forms and cause a wide range of harm and harassment, and abuse in the cyber or physical world.

But in a medium like TikTok, the problem becomes deeper and more critical, from uploading sexually provocative content by younger users to videos of ex-spouses against each other to content that violates norms for any country that some users have offered to attract more traffic.

Another reason why TikTok is bad for society? You can follow all kinds of anti-moral and anti-social streams, like racism, in this social network, and there is no monitoring or control over them.



In 2018, the # The DeleteFacebook movement was launched against Facebook’s ulterior motives and questionable actions. Undoubtedly, Facebook is not a clean social network, and because of the decisions and activities it has had in the last few years; It should be in the spotlight, but TikTok is worse than that.

If by reading the above reasons, you are convinced that the pleasure of watching a one-minute movie on this social network is not worth all the harm, danger, and trouble; So, proceed to delete your account from TikTok today.

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