How To Find Out Which People On Instagram Who Unfollowed Me And What Is The Way To Deal With It?

How to find out which people on Instagram who unfollowed me and what is the way to deal with it?


Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world and increasing followers is very important for all its users, especially important and famous people. But when we find out which people on Instagram who unfollowed me, this issue makes none of its users satisfied with being unfollowed on Instagram.

You have probably encountered this question many times. How to find out on Instagram who unfollowed me? Most of us know how many followers we have, so if we ever notice that the number has dropped, we try to find out who unfollowed on Instagram us.

Understanding this problem and searching in the list of many followers is not a good solution. For this reason, in this article, we decided to present applications that you can use to find out Instagram who unfollowed me.

A problem with third-party apps

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Despite the fact that using third-party apps is considered the easiest way to find out if someone has unfollowed on Instagram you, they also face problems, as Instagram imposes many restrictions on its API that make the hands of third-party software developers tied.

For example, all of these apps give you the information to unfollow them on Instagram since you installed the app on your phone. If you lose any of your followers before installing the app, you won’t be able to track them.

The following applications are not approved by Instagram. This means that if you use them, the security of your account may be compromised. Also, at any moment, many of these software may lose their use.

This is because Instagram has suddenly made significant changes to its API several times in the past. This may cause third-party applications to crash.

It is important to start using these programs with an awareness of the potential risks. Below you will find some examples of the best Unfollow programs. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks.


Application (Followmeter)


Followmeter is one of the best applications to find out about Instagram who unfollowed me. It is very easy to use this software and on the other hand, its simple user interface will help you to get used to it quickly.

This software displays a dashboard that shows unfollowers, new followers, user accounts you follow and unfollow, and vice versa. To see Instagram who unfollowed me, you can click on the Unfollowers tab.

In this section, you can see a list of people on Instagram who unfollowed me. You can enter the Instagram application by clicking on the name of each person. The software is free, but there is also a premium version.

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In the premium version of this software, you can also see ghost followers (inactive users or robots). You have to pay $3.99 to use the premium version. Of course, it should be noted that the free version of Followmeter does not have any restrictions on viewing people’s Instagram who unfollowed me.

Reports program


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Report software is slower than Followmeter but more secure. As mentioned, this application similar to Followmeter can notify you of unfollowing only from the moment it is installed on the mobile phone.

One of the advantages of this program is that you can use multiple Instagram accounts. It should be noted that Reports, like many other third-party programs, has many features that you need to purchase its premium version to use.

Of course, using the unfollow function is completely free.

Followers & Unfollowers app

The Followers & Unfollowers application is another option for automatic Instagram follower management that has been available to Android users for several years. Supporting multiple accounts and providing all the features for free is one of the strong points of the program. Although the in-app ads may seem a bit annoying.


If necessary, users can unfollow others as a group. However, to avoid possible problems, the unfollow limit of 50 accounts is considered. The overall performance of the app is accurate for the most part. But sometimes it can be difficult to get a new follower list and update it.

Unfollow Users program


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The Unfollow Users app is specially designed to find Instagram people Instagram who unfollowed me. Of course, other facilities of similar titles are also found in this program; But its better performance made it get a higher rating from users on Google Play. If you encounter a problem for the first time, after entering the user information in the program, just log in to your account through the main Instagram application and like a photo.

How to unfollow unfollowed followers?

The term “track” means to respond to a user’s request to track. Following is the unwritten rule of Instagram these days. This problem now also exists in the field of dropping out of school. For this reason, knowing that the Instagram who unfollowed me, we may want to return the favor.

You can automatically unfollow all those who have unfollowed on Instagram you but are following them using Cleaner for Instagram. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Cleaner with your Instagram account.
  • From the tab below, go to Quick Select > Advanced Quick Select > Select Unfollowers.
  • Select the items you want to unfollow from the options in front of you.
  • Tap the Lightning icon > Unfollow > Start now.
  • Now the Cleaner app will do all the work.


How to avoid losing followers on Instagram?

Not following is only one of the reasons that will cause you to lose followers. If you’re sure that’s not the reason why you’re losing followers and your drop is still bothering you, check out the things we’ve mentioned below:

1. You bought Instagram followers

The reason is that Instagram who unfollowed me may have bought different robots to have many followers. Many people who create such bots use fake accounts.

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Therefore, a significant number of your followers may be fake accounts. When Instagram detects these types of accounts, it blocks them and this may have caused your followers to drop.

2. Maybe your account has been shadowbanned

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Using bots to buy fake followers and get Instagram likes, Instagram views, and fake comments will get you banned by Instagram. If you get Shadow Banned, everything will be the same for you.

You can enter the program, leave posts and stories, and view other people’s posts and stories. But the problem is that Instagram does not allow your posts and stories to be prioritized and shown to others.

To make sure you are not Shadow Banned, you can use the Triberr website.

3. You have too many or too few posts

If you overdo posting and sharing stories on Instagram, you can lose significant followers. If you post too many posts, your followers might get bored, especially if you have too many ads on your page. Also, if you are busy, after a while your followers may feel that following you is pointless and this causes Instagram who unfollowed me.

It’s a bit tricky to strike a balance in this area, and on the other hand, it’s impossible to say exactly how many posts per week will appeal to your audience and how many will turn them off from following you.

But the best solution is to have a written and weekly schedule for posting. In this way, the balance is always maintained and no one gets tired of seeing your posts and stories.

4. You are making simple mistakes on Instagram


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We have listed three main reasons for losing followers, but other important factors can also cause this:

  • Posting posts that are not related to your brand.
  • Post controversial content that challenges people’s attitudes and causes them to protest against you.
  • Not paying attention and not responding to the comments posted under the posts.
  • Sending without using appropriate hashtags and without using captions or inserting inappropriate captions.
  • Sending low-quality images and improperly editing them before sending.


Apart from the things we have mentioned in this article, you can increase your Instagram followers by using these 12 guaranteed and real solutions.


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