Where To Edit TikTok Videos + Introducing The Editing Application

TikTok has become a central source of education, business, and entertainment for millions of users worldwide. However, creating clean content isn’t easy without tools and resources to guide you. Access to TikTok allows more creators to jump on board and share their content. At the same time, many mindlessly enter the world of video editing. But don’t be afraid to stay with DrTricks to know where to edit TikTok videos.


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Filming TikTok videos

When it comes to getting your content, there are two different ways to do it. Fortunately, the app makes it easy to record and edit videos from one place; however, you can also upload content from your device to the app.

You can also use a combination of shooting video within the app and uploading photos or images while editing, so you don’t have to worry about capturing all the clips in the app.

Where to edit TikTok videos (filming outside the TikTok app)

The first way to make a video for TikTok is to record the video with a camera and use a third-party editing tool. After filming and editing your content, you can go into the TikTok app and click on the + button and then continue.

Useful if you want to have your video in a file and edit it before uploading. Also, if you want to take small clips from a longer video, out-of-app video capture is a good option.

As for third-party editing sites, we recommend CapCut, Rough, and Splice. These free tools allow you to easily and quickly edit your content.

Where to edit TikTok videos (filming inside the TikTok app)


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Filming and editing within the TikTok app is the second option, which is the most popular since you can do both in one place.

Just tap the + button to record and press the central red button. You can record for 15 seconds, or 60 seconds. If you don’t want to capture the whole video simultaneously, you can tap the red button again to stop recording.

TikTok tracks your clips, which you can go back and edit later. Your clips do not need to reach the maximum time limit.

Do you want to use a filter? Click on the option at the bottom left, where you can choose from various video filters. Thousands of filters are available, so modify your content and try different filters.

After recording, click the red icon to enter the editing features.

Now, this is where the magic happens. Continue reading the article on where to edit TikTok videos to hear tips and tricks for editing tools.


How to edit TikTok videos within the app

TikTok has several editing features that allow you to edit your videos to your liking. This includes:


This section is where you can edit your clips. You can add audio in this section or on the main edit page at the top of the page where it says. If you want to upload any other clip from your camera roll, select the + button inside the edit section


Choose from various stickers, emojis, and GIFs when you click the smiley icon on the edit screen. Add a location, mentions, hashtags, and polls to generate more engagement with your content.




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But the question is where to edit TikTok videos. This is where you can add text to your videos. Choose the font, color, and display type of the text. Once you’ve done this, you can set the duration if you want the reader to only appear on a specific clip. After creating the text, press Done to make it appear in the video.


If you want to add a unique voiceover, click the microphone icon and slide to the clip you want to record on. When you’re ready, press the record button and again when you’re done. You can replace the original audio with the recorded audio, which will eliminate the background noise. You can also choose from a variety of sound effects that are applied to the entire sound.


Within this feature, you can choose from various effects such as transitions, splits, visual, and motion effects. Once selected, you can choose the length of the impact and the clips you want to add it to. Stay with us in the following article on where to edit TikTok videos.


If you didn’t choose a filter when recording, you can add a filter in the editing section. Choose from portrait, landscape, food, and mood themes to match your content. A slider will appear where you can choose the severity of the filter on a scale of 1-100.


If there is speech in your video, you can use subtitles, which will automatically detect the lesson in the language of your choice.


Where to edit TikTok videos and the best ways to edit TikTok videos

Now that we’ve covered the basics of editing, what are some more advanced features that can create engaging content? Let me tell you! These exercises can help you increase:

  • opinions
  • Interaction


Using a countdown timer


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The countdown timer can be set to 3 or 10 seconds, so you can put your camera down and record hands-free. You can also drag it to set the recording limit if you want it to stop before pressing the red button again.

This limits editing time and allows you to record dances and videos without having to press the start button and then go back.


Create loop videos

It is where to edit TikTok videos. You may have seen this trend in apps, looping videos, and those that create a “loop” effect by starting again without having a hard start and end.

This can increase viewer retention, watch time, and video completion rates, all of which are important metrics to understand better the content your audience is engaging with.

But how can you do it? The end of the video should match the beginning so that it feels like the video starts where it ends.

Try jump cuts, transfers, and finger taps

These transitions may seem complicated, but once you understand how to do them, they can be effortless.

For example, say you want to create a video of you starting at one location, jumping, and then cutting to another location.

This effect makes it look like you’ve been magically transported to another location, but of course, we know it’s just editing. Stay with us in the next article on where to edit TikTok videos.

Sending transformation videos

Whether this type of content shows before or after it or makes a change, this type of content is attractive and exciting for users.

These have become very popular on the show, especially when paired with a trending sound.

Overall, the best advice I can give is to have high-quality audio and video. This makes editing easier and makes your content look professional. You also want to make sure users can hear what you’re saying and understand the message. We will further explain where to edit TikTok videos.

5 TikTok video editing apps

Although TikTok is similar to Instagram, it is different from this social network in many cases and has an independent personality and position. Creating creative videos is one of the characteristics that many TikTok users try to do, and we suggest that you don’t just stop at TikTok itself and go for other video editing tools.

But if you are wondering which are the best video editing programs for TikTok and where to edit TikTok videos, we suggest these:

Adobe Rush (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)


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We have always seen Adobe tools in the hands of professionals, but Adobe Rush is entirely different, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to use this great video editor. Adjusting the size of the image, applying other color effects and fully adjusting them, using motion graphics templates, and many features that Adobe Rush provides make it one of the best video editors on mobile and for PC use. It is recommended for its simplicity.


InShot Video Editor (Android, iOS)


InShot is practically a social media editor that has multiple tools and can go a long way in helping you come up with the perfect video to post on TikTok. In this program, you can use essential tools as well as attractive visual and audio effects, as well as use InShot’s extensive collection of images and songs in your videos, and finally, publish the final result directly on TikTok. Follow the article where to edit TikTok videos and get more information.

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Timbre (Android)


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Timbre is a relatively simple tool suitable for users on TikTok who are not trying to do very strange things on this social network. But one of the things that Timbre gives you is the ability to change the video speed, convert formats, and of course, make GIFs. Making gifs will be suitable for publishing on TikTok, as well as the fact that you can turn the videos you made on TikTok into gifs and share them on another social network.

FUNIMATE (Android, iOS)


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But for those who want to make funny and interesting videos, FUNIMATE is one of the best options. This application is full of interesting and cool effects and transitions, and besides, it will provide you with all kinds of basic facilities for edit TikTok videos. There are hundreds of effects in FUNIMATE that you can use and finally, publish your video directly on TikTok. This program also has a free version; of course, using it, your video will have a watermark. But here is the question, where to edit TikTok videos? Stay tuned to explain more.

VIZMATO (Android, iOS)


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VIZMATO is one of those programs that you can use to make funny and interesting videos. Although overall, VIZMATO video editor is a simple and easy-to-use app, the various themes, audio editor with cool effects, and lip-syncing features make it a great TikTok editor. It has changed, of course, VIZMATO will put a watermark on the image in the free version, and it is also more expensive than many of its similar programs.



As you can see, there are many opportunities and options for editing TikTok videos. Fortunately, the app makes it easy to shoot and edit without leaving the platform. Now you know how to edit TikTok videos like a pro. Read this article on where to edit TikTok videos to maximize your efforts on the social network.

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