Review Of 13 WhatsApp Business Features In 2024+ Advantages

WhatsApp business features 2024
is a new and updated phenomenon for people who intend to have an online business and earn good income from this business. These days, businesses have gone online. Different people are trying to present their products and services offline.

Internet businesses have many advantages, and these advantages have made such businesses develop significantly in the last few years. Internet businesses are often launched through websites and virtual networks. The virtual networks that have the most users in this field are WhatsApp and Instagram.

These days, with a simple search in these spaces, you can notice the strong presence of online businesses in them. In this article, we are trying to introduce you to WhatsApp Business, and how to download WhatsApp Business and install it. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks for further information about WhatsApp business features 2024.

WhatsApp Business Features 2024

WhatsApp for business features is a subversion of the original WhatsApp, which, like it, can send messages, content, video and audio calls, create a catalog, introduce the type of business, and communicate with customers. But what are WhatsApp business new features:

1. Business profile

You can use this program to create a business profile and provide your customers with a description of your business, email address, or website. The profile of a business is the face and identity that is presented to customers and attracts their attention. In other words, we can say that your business profile is the same as your brand name.

To get your account Verified, WhatsApp must approve your business account. To create a business profile, just enter the WhatsApp Business program and go to its settings section. Then select Business settings and enter the (Profile) section.

2. Sending quick replies

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This feature is the same frequent messages that are used to answer common questions. The Quick Replies feature allows you to save specific messages that you send often and use them again when needed. To use this feature, just select / on your keyboard.

3. The ability to send automatic greetings is one of the WhatsApp business features 2024

Another WhatsApp business features 2024 is the ability to create and send automatic greeting messages. This feature works in such a way that users can receive the desired message as soon as they start a conversation with you or after 14 days of inactivity. Using this method, you can send an instant message to welcome a new customer and introduce your business in the shortest possible time.

To do this, first, enter the WhatsApp settings, go to the section (Business settings), and then select the Greeting message option. In this way, you can create an automatic message or edit an existing message from this section.

4. Setting the automatic message (Away Message)

The Away Message feature works like automatic greeting messages. This way you can set a custom message to be sent to the chat page of people who want to communicate with you during non-working hours. In other words, your message can contain information about your business and your response hours.

To set this WhatsApp business features 2024, it is enough to first refer to WhatsApp business settings and go to the Business settings section. Next, select Away message and then “Activate away message” (automatic message activation).

5. Ability to label or categorize conversations in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business app allows different businesses to organize their contacts and classify them into different categories. In this way, you can put it in a special group by clicking on the settings menu on the dialog page with the customer and choosing a label.

6. Catalog and collections


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Among other features of business WhatsApp, we can mention the ability to use the catalog. Such a feature allows your business to display its products so that people and customers can view the products of their interest and check information about them.

Therefore, by using these catalogs, you no longer need to explain the price and specifications of each product. In this case, customers can complete the purchase process without visiting the store’s website.

7. Interactive commercial messages

This WhatsApp business features 2024 allows you to send messages containing interactive buttons. These buttons are usually provided as CTA or quick replies.

Quick reply buttons: Allows users to reply using predefined options without having to manually type the message. Such a feature provides a better user interface to customers and provides a great customer experience (CX) for your business.

CTA buttons: With the help of this button, the user is directed to a desired web page or calls a designated number. Such buttons allow customers to easily move between platforms and be easily directed to the desired destination with a small click.

As a result, these messages can result in a higher engagement rate for your business and a more convenient shopping experience for your customers.

8. List of messages and reply buttons

It is interesting to know that recently, in addition to the CTA buttons and the Quick reply system, new interactive messages have also been added to this platform, which includes (List Messages) or (Reply Buttons).

The message list feature provides the possibility to add up to 10 different options and users can be directed to the desired operation by clicking on one of these options. The Reply Buttons feature also allows you to type the desired option and then choose a button from among the three available options.

9. Integration of Facebook stores

Another WhatsApp business features 2024 that offers users all over the world is the possibility of business integration with Facebook shops (Facebook Shops Integration). This means that users can display the products and services they offer and communicate with potential customers through their store. Such a tool will be very efficient and valuable for further business development and emerging businesses. To do this you must:

  • First, have a phone number registered in the WhatsApp Business program.
  • Be the admin of your Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Link your Facebook page and catalog to the same Facebook account.
  • Have permissions (Manage Page) in both your Facebook and WhatsApp accounts.
  • Create a new account in the Commerce Manager section of Facebook.
  • Then add the number registered in WhatsApp to the relevant store and set the WhatsApp program as the main method of communication.

Finally, set up your store in such a way that customers can communicate with you by clicking the send message button on the store pages using the WhatsApp Business app.

10. WhatsApp Business payments

The last WhatsApp business features and benefit we are going to cover is in-app payments. Although this feature is not yet available in many countries, it is a great opportunity for further business growth.

Currently, only the countries of India, Brazil, and the United States of America can benefit from the WhatsApp payment feature using Facebook’s digital wallet (Novi) and (Facebook Pay). In other words, users of these countries can pay or receive the relevant fees without leaving the conversation page.

Advantages of using WhatsApp Business

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Using WhatsApp has many advantages for people. Of course, when a newer and better version is released, it will bring more advantages. Among the advantages of using WhatsApp Business, the following can be mentioned.

  • call center WhatsApp business
  • The high number of users on WhatsApp is one of the advantages of starting a business on this platform. This will make your products or services known. In the beginning, this program managed to attract more than one billion users in just three months, and this means that the popularity of this program will boost your business.
  • The universality of the platform is another WhatsApp business feature 2024. You can cross the borders of the country and introduce your services and brand to the world.
  • high safety; WhatsApp owners know that this program is at a very high level in terms of safety and your information will be protected in your user account.


Today, people spend most of their time on the Internet. These people look for products, services, or brands in this space to meet their needs. Internet businesses can make significant progress in this.

One of the active platforms for starting small businesses is WhatsApp, which by offering a commercial version was able to take a very important step in the development of online businesses. Using this platform has many advantages. Also, it is very easy to download and install WhatsApp Business on a mobile phone or desktop. By reading this article, you received valuable tips in this regard.

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