Which WhatsApp Shows Deleted Messages ?[ & Reads Deleted Messages ]

Today, one of the most common methods of communication between people is chatting on WhatsApp. This social communication is not just about friendly conversations, and sometimes the messages sent become very important. Even these messages can be important documents and be used in different situations. Now, if the recipient deletes the message after sending it, what can be done to prove his word? And which Whatsapp shows deleted messages; fortunately, it is possible to read deleted WhatsApp messages. In this article, we will describe the best methods of reading deleted messages on Whatsapp so that you can block the way of any possible abuse and fraud by having these messages. Stay tuned with DrTricks.

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Read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

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WhatsApp has allowed its users to delete sent messages and has set a time limit for this feature. People can delete their messages within an hour. This is while the message’s recipients are informed of its deletion, and in this way, the traces of the deleted messages remain. Sometimes these deleted messages are crucial for the audience, and they must be aware of their content. The method of reading deleted WhatsApp messages is different in Android and iOS. How to read these messages on Android can be done in one of the following ways:

Which WhatsApp shows deleted messages (using WhatsApp support ability)

In response to which WhatsApp shows deleted messages, it can be said that the first method of reading deleted WhatsApp messages can be using the WhatsApp messenger feature to support sent messages. WhatsApp takes a backup version of the messages exchanged on WhatsApp every night at 2 o’clock. If you change the support time of the latest version and set it to daily mode, you can read your deleted WhatsApp messages before the next backup. The steps of this work are as follows:


  1. Delete and reinstall WhatsApp: Delete and reinstall your WhatsApp from Google Play.
  2. Choosing the recovery option: After going through the initial steps of installing WhatsApp, you will see an option that is specific to the recovery of past messages. You can restore past chats by selecting chat backup.


Using Notisave software


Some smartphones cannot access the Notification Log. Installing the Notisave program will record all mobile phone notifications for you. But which WhatsApp shows deleted messages? It can be said that this program can be a method of reading deleted WhatsApp messages. To use this program, you must first download it from Google Play Store. After installing Notisave and opening it, you will see a list of apps you have installed on your phone in the past.

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Notisave will then ask you to give the app access to notifications. By accepting this request, enter the application settings section and enable Passcode so only you can access this information. After going through these steps, you can see all the notifications in this program. Therefore, all messages sent to you on WhatsApp will still be visible to you even if the sender deletes them.

Install the app + WhatsRemoved


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In response to which WhatsApp shows deleted messages, it can be said that one of this very efficient software designed to recover the reading of deleted WhatsApp messages is “+ WhatsRemoved,” which you can download from Google Play. The function of this program is to save notifications from the notification registration section. This program is only for phones with the Android operating system and does not have such a feature for iPhone phones. In addition, you can use this program for Facebook and Instagram.

The way to read deleted WhatsApp messages with the help of this program is that after installation, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and allow the program to access your notifications. After going through these steps, you will see that if the sender deletes a message, this program will inform you through a notification. To read the deleted messages, click on the DETECTED section. By selecting this option, you can read the deleted messages. Apart from this program, as we mentioned above, other programs are also designed for this purpose; in the continuation of the article, which Whatsapp shows deleted messages. Stay with us.

But keep in mind that by installing this application, you are permitting a third party to have the messages, and, with your own will, you are lowering the security of the information inside the phone and WhatsApp. Therefore, when installing this program, consider the security priorities and the necessity of installing it. If you restart your phone, these programs will no longer work, and you cannot read deleted WhatsApp messages.


Read deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone


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After learning how to read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android and which WhatsApp shows deleted messages, we will learn how to do this on iPhone phones. What has been determined so far is that even if the other party deletes his sent message, it is not entirely done, and his message is still in the WhatsApp support section. Now, if you are using an iPhone and intend to recover and read deleted WhatsApp messages, you need to follow one of the following methods:

Using conversation history

Sometimes you are the one who deleted a message, and instead of selecting the “delete for everyone” option, you deleted that message only for yourself. In this case, you can ask your contact to refer to WhatsApp support and retrieve your message. This method is only possible when you are comfortable with your audience and can make such a request. In other cases, it is better to count on the cloud technology of your phone. Because this technology always keeps a supported version of everything.

Restore with iCloud backup

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When you install WhatsApp, it connects to your iCloud account (access to iCloud is only possible if you have already registered your Apple ID). Therefore, you have the opportunity to recover messages through iCloud. To use it and read deleted WhatsApp messages, you must first refer to the settings section of this program. Then click the chat backup option from the chats section. If this option is active, you must delete WhatsApp and reinstall it. I hope you have learned by now which WhatsApp shows deleted messages.

After installation, when you log in to the user account, click on the Restore Chat History option. In this way, all the messages you deleted will be restored. If there is free space on your phone, you can completely restore WhatsApp messages through iCloud backup. In this case, refer to the settings section, and after selecting the General option and then Reset, select the Erase all content and Settings option.

Here, click on Erase Now and enter your password to erase. In the next step, select Restore from iCloud Backup in the phone settings section and log in to your iCloud account. Here, by selecting the support file, you can read deleted WhatsApp messages. Of course, keep in mind that in this method, all your previous data will be deleted from the phone, and to get the result, a supported version of WhatsApp must be available in iCloud. Otherwise, this method will not work, and the only thing that will happen is that the entire data of the phone will be erased.

Restore with iTunes backup


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If you have sent your messages to iTunes, you can use this method to recover deleted messages. In this method, first open iTunes on PC (or open Finder on Mac). Connect your iPhone to the computer and click on Trust This Computer. After selecting the phone, tap on the Restore Backup option.

After selecting Restore, enter the password you chose for backup. Backup is not only for reading deleted WhatsApp messages, but everything backed up is restored, and you cannot see the contents of the backup file, which is a negative point in using the iTunes backup method. Follow the article in which WhatsApp shows deleted messages.

Restore with the help of iMyFone D-Back program


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You can use this program to recover your messages if you have not sent any backup to iCloud or iTunes for support. The method of using iMyFone D-Back to read deleted WhatsApp messages is that first of all, you need to install the iMyFone D-Back program on the computer and then connect your phone to the computer. After your device is recognized, you will enter the next step.

In this step, you need to select the files that you do not want to be deleted. So select WhatsApp and then click Scan. By scanning WhatsApp information, you will see all the deleted messages. If you want to recover some of these messages, select them and click the Recover option.



It is possible to read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android and iOS phones. But which WhatsApp shows deleted messages; the easiest way to keep these messages is to use the features of the WhatsApp program itself. If you use this program to exchange very important messages, our recommendation is to select daily support in the WhatsApp settings section to ensure that there is always a supported version. Keep in mind that regular backups can save you the risk of losing valuable content, but if you end up in trouble, there are ways to compensate and recover messages.

In addition to the WhatsApp program, today, there are many programs designed to read messages in both operating systems. The method of using the most popular programs was described in detail in this article, and you can achieve the desired result by following these methods step by step.

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