Is There An Instagram Emoji And What Effect Does It Have On Instagram?

Instagram is an image-based social network. Therefore, the first thing that attracts the audience’s attention is the appearance of your posts, story, and page. At first glance, it seems that captions and texts in posts and stories cannot be very attractive and the audience does not pay attention to them. But emojis have allowed us to make our content more attractive in Instagram captions (both posts and stories) and make the audience more eager to read them, but Is there an Instagram emoji? We suggest you stay with Dr Tricks until the end of the article.

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When we talk about the use of Instagram emoji, the question is usually raised Is there an Instagram emoji, and does the use of emoji have a significant effect? In the following, we will try to answer this question using the statistics and research conducted in this regard. Then we’ll talk about how emojis can improve your marketing efforts and how to best use them.

What is emoji and Is there an Instagram emoji?

Although the use of emojis has become popular and peaked in the last ten years, emojis were first introduced in the 1990s by a Japanese marketing agency. This agency wanted to find a replacement for the emoticons and smileys that were used on the Internet at that time. Emoji was an update to these emoticons, adding personality and face to them. In 2011, Apple added emoji to a part of its keyboard in iOS 5 and made these characters popular.

There are currently more than 1,600 different emojis on the iOS keyboard and other keyboards, and many new ones are added every year.


What is the difference between emoji and emoticons?

In the 90s, emoticons were used to express some emotions in Internet messages. emoticons that were made using the characters of the keyboard itself. You can see some of them in the picture below.

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Of course, the use of these emoticons did not stop and we still use them. But for some, emojis have completely replaced these emoticons. But the question is, Is there an Instagram emoji?

Maybe the reason is that emojis show the depth of emotions better and more clearly. For example, for human characters in emojis, there is much more detail, such as skin tone, hairstyle, and hair color.

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Is there an Instagram emoji and what is the effect of emojis on Instagram?

Extensive research was conducted on more than 29 thousand Instagram profiles and 5.5 million posts and had interesting results:

  • 57% of all accounts used at least one emoji in their posts.
  • 24% of profiles that had between 1 and 1000 followers used emojis.
  • 51% of profiles with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers used emojis.
  • 68% of profiles with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers used emojis.
  • 78% of profiles with between 100,000 and 1 million followers used emojis.
  • 83% of profiles with more than 1 million followers used emojis.

As you can see, there is a very interesting correlation between the number of followers and the amount of emoji usage on Instagram.

But perhaps the most important result is the following:


  • Posts in which Instagram emojis are used have an average of 15% more engagement. (Relative to posts in which emojis are not used).

Why should we use emoji in our Instagram marketing?

As we saw in the previous section, emojis will help your Instagram page grow. If you follow the important and most followed brands on Instagram, you will see that all of them use emojis in their post and story captions and even in their direct messages. Because they also found that using emoji can be effective in increasing user engagement and interaction.

But what is the reason? Why does the use of emoji make users interact more? Stay with us in the continuation of the article Is there an Instagram emoji?


One of the most important things to pay attention to in social media marketing and branding is creating a sense of trust and communication. The tone of captions and even direct messages can be effective in creating this feeling. Using Instagram emoji can give users the feeling that you are speaking like them, and this is the basis for the formation of trust.

On the other hand, emojis can help a lot to beautify Instagram captions. Captions without emojis are very dry and soulless and users have no desire to read them. But those who have used emojis are easier to read.

For example, by using emojis, different paragraphs of a caption can be categorized and at the same time, the feeling of the text and its tone can be conveyed to the user.

How to use Instagram emoji?


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The use of emoji in different sections of Instagram should be different. Therefore, we will explain the answer to the question Is there an Instagram emoji and how to use them in the direct and comment sections as well as captions separately?

The use of emoji in direct and comment is very similar and they do not differ much. Therefore, the way to use them will be the same. In comments and direct, we are directly talking to a person, so it is better to convey the feeling of our text and tone using emojis. You can also use emojis to show how you feel about their messages.

To use the Instagram emoji in the caption, you can show more creativity. For example, as we said before, you can use emoji to separate different paragraphs of the caption. In such a way that at the beginning of each paragraph, an emoji related to it is placed.

Instagram emoji can be used in the text itself and front of some sentences. It mostly depends on the tone of the text.


It is better not to use severalظ emojis in a row. Especially in the text. Because they only make the text more crowded and occupy more space. We hope this article was useful for you.

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