Instagram Boomerang Video[Introducing And Teaching How To Use It In 2024]


The Boomerang app is the latest app developed by the Instagram team. This application enables you to make boomerang video similar to gif images and allows you to share them directly on Instagram and… In this article, we are going to introduce the Instagram boomerang program and teach you how to use it. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks.

What is Instagram’s boomerang video app?

Instagram, which has now been purchased by Facebook, is considered one of the most popular mobile applications in the field of social networks. The team of Instagram is not satisfied with the development of this application and occasionally they design and offer other interesting mobile applications. For example, we can mention applications such as Hyper lapse or Layout, each of which provides special features and is directly related to the Instagram application.

But the latest application that has been recently developed by the Instagram team is called Boomerang. Instagram Boomerang allows you to create GIF-like videos. In these videos, a main event is defined in the format of 1 second and is played in a loop. Instagram’s boomerang video app was created to respond to the “Live Photo” feature of Apple iPhones.

The videos that are recorded as Live photos on the new Apple iPhones have a special format that cannot be recognized by Instagram and Facebook. This causes you to not be able to directly share a Live Photo clip on Instagram. To share these videos on Instagram or Facebook, we have to convert their format.

But Instagram’s boomerang program has removed this limitation. Using the Instagram Boomerang program, you can share your desired short videos directly on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

Therefore, short and gif-like videos produced by Instagram’s boomerang video program are compatible with other social networks, and there is no need to use external programs to convert the format to share them. Be careful that the videos prepared in the Boomerang Instagram program are like GIF images without sound.

Our goal in this article is to introduce and teach how to use Instagram’s boomerang video program. With the explanations provided in the above section, the introduction of the Boomerang Instagram program is over. So now it’s time to learn how to use this application.

Teaching how to use the Instagram boomerang video program

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Since a short, 1-second scenario is played in rotation or loop in the Boomerang Instagram program, the scenario you want should be animated. For example, this scenario can be a second of performing an acrobatic move or a specific incident. The desired animated scenario is played back and forth in the final video produced by the Instagram boomerang video program.

For example, imagine that you created a 1-second scenario from the moment you blow up a balloon in your mouth. This scenario is displayed in the Instagram boomerang program as a balloon is inflated and then deflated, and the balloon is inflated and deflated again, and this procedure is followed in the same way. Therefore, first, specify the scenario you want and then follow the steps below to use the Instagram Boomerang program:

  • Before doing any action, you must download and install the Boomerang Video Instagram app on your smartphone. This program is available for free and has iOS and Android versions.
  • After installing the Instagram boomerang app, launch it. As soon as you run this application, a very simple environment will appear in front of you and the main camera of the device will be activated.
  • By using the icon on the right and bottom corner of the screen, you can change the device’s camera from main to selfie and vice versa.
  • Use the large touch button at the bottom and middle of the screen to record the scenario you want.
  • Then Boomerang Instagram application will set the desired animated image and provide a preview of it. At this stage, a copy of the created animated image is automatically saved in the internal memory of your smartphone.
  • Finally, like the photo above, the boomerang video Instagram app offers options to directly share the recorded video file on Instagram, Facebook, etc. By touching the Instagram option, you can quickly and directly share the recorded video on this social network.

As you can see, using the Boomerang Instagram application is very simple and does not involve a complicated process at all. The user interface of this application is simple and smooth and provides you with the best possible quality.

Why should we use canvas effects on Instagram?

Users can use effects on Instagram to edit photos and boomerang videos and show a lot of creativity. These effects can make your Instagram account look different from others.

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Can I convert pre-recorded videos to Canvas?

Yes, it is possible, but you need to use a third-party app to do it.

Can boomerang video settings be changed?

Yes, the user can change the quality and appearance of their boomerang video. To do this, open the Instagram application and tap on the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen. There is a boomerang on the bottom menu, tap on it and select a video. Now tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner of the screen and select Settings. Now you can easily change canvas color settings.

Is Instagram capable of automatically converting videos to Canvas every time?

No, Instagram can’t auto-resize videos, but you can customize them. For this, go to the Instagram homepage and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select Settings and then tap Video Settings. In the “Video” section, select the video format you want and click Change Format. Now select the Loop option.

How to add music to a boomerang video?

Adding music is one of the things that make your boomerang video more attractive. To do this, install the latest version of the Instagram app and enter it. Choose your boomerang video. In the stickers section, tap on the “Music” sticker. Now find your desired song and put it on the video. You also don’t need to go to your music app. You can also choose the appropriate time of the song and put it on the video.

When you’re done, tap Done and send it to your friends or share it on Instagram.

Is it possible to use the canvas effect on Facebook?

Yes, it is possible and the user can use the desired effect before sharing the photo or video.

Can you use the boomerang effect on Twitter?

Yes, it is also possible to use canvas effects in Twitter social messenger. Of course, you need to make sure that this feature is available in your account. To do this, go to your Settings page and tap Advanced. On the right side of the screen, there is the Boomerang Effect option, which you can enable or disable. There is also the ability to use the effect in the profile picture.


As you can see, in this article, we introduced the Instagram boomerang video program and taught how to use this interesting application. Boomerang Instagram is now the latest application developed by the Instagram team. By searching the boomerang hashtag on Instagram, you can find examples of clips prepared by this application.

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