How To Use A TikTok Filter ? + [6 Of The Best TikTok Filters]

Itwas a movie, it would not be so famous and popular. One of the strengths and biggest points of this program is the TikTok filter, which allows users to transform their videos as desired and beautify them in any way they want. So stay tuned for how to use a TikTok filter.

Of course, it should be noted that the TikTok filter is fundamentally different from the effect, and that is that the TikTok filter slightly changes the entire video and helps to make the video more beautiful. While the effect provides the possibility of adding things such as sound, stickers, special graphic designs, etc.

For example, the user may want to pretend that he is walking in one of the streets of Madrid, which can be achieved through the TikTok filter and produce his video in this way.

It doesn’t matter what fantasy and dream the user has in mind, TikTok can bring the user’s idea closer to reality thanks to its attractive and practical filters. In the continuation of this article, some of the best TikTok filters and how to use a TikTok filter have been reviewed and introduced so that interested users can get more detailed information about this issue.

The best filters and how to use a TikTok filter

As mentioned earlier, this section is dedicated to introducing and reviewing the best TikTok filters and how to use a TikTok filter so that users can choose their favorite filter from among these filters and use it. Since the use of this application has become very common today and many users devote considerable time to working with this application daily, one of the most important tips for users is to use the filters of this application.

For this reason, in the rest of the article, the specific introduction of each TikTok filter and how to use a TikTok filter have been discussed separately. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks

Beauty Mode

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It is safe to say that Beauty Mode is one of the best TikTok filters because most users feel comfortable with it and use it a lot. This TikTok filter is a preset created to make users more confident in making videos. Applying this filter automatically evens out and enhances skin tone, subtly beautifying the user’s face while still giving the user confidence that they look like themselves. Today, we see many users using this filter, which conveys a very good feeling to users and gives them confidence.

Fantasy Filter

Almost all standard filters on TikTok consist of a letter next to numbers. About this TikTok filter, it should be said that the fantasy filter v11 adds pink color to the user’s image, which means that most users like to refer to it as a fantasy filter. Fantasy Filter (v11) is recommended for users who are interested in giving their videos a romantic theme and instilling a gentle atmosphere in the audience.

This filter is considered one of the popular options for young users and you can also combine this filter with color customization filters and create different color themes throughout your TikTok. Follow along with how to use a TikTok filter.

G6 filter


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Many users are used to taking pictures of their food and publishing it, and they do it very tastefully, and for some people, these pictures are so important that they spend a lot of time making the pictures of their food more beautiful. The suitable TikTok filter for these people is the G6 filter, which, as mentioned earlier, is made of a combination of a letter and a number.

This filter is specially used for food photos and with its precise settings, it recognizes different colors well and helps to improve their transparency. In fact, under the “food” section, TikTok filters are classified because they help add color and depth to photos.

Bling filter


This filter is considered a kind of effect in TikTok, but if a user intends to attract the attention of other users, this TikTok filter will be useful for him. This effect brightens users’ content and dramatically improves image clarity. For example, you can share a picture of a pair of sparkling earrings or a glittering dress with this filter and publish it brilliantly and enjoy its stunning beauty


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Clown filter


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Clown Filter is one of the newer options of the TikTok filter, which may become one of its best. How to use a TikTok filter is recommended to users who want to update their activity and be part of the latest people who know about the trend of TikTok. This filter is usually used in such a way that people use this filter to cover their faces like a clown’s face with different colors and publish a picture of themselves to publish the sad moments of their lives. For example, a couple who had recently separated from each other shared their sad moments with other users through this filter.

Anime Cartoon Eyes


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The emergence of the Anime Cartoon Eye filter goes back to the time when a series of users used to record their video in the Snapchat program using the filters of the same program and then upload it to other video-sharing programs. Since there is no option similar to “Disney’s eyes” as a TikTok filter, users have to be creative and create quality and attractive videos.

How to use a TikTok filter?

In this part of the article, how to use a TikTok filter is discussed, which explains the process of using them in detail. Due to the popularity that the TikTok program has gained and with its interesting filters and effects, it has satisfied and entertained many audiences around the world, this section can be useful for many users. Users who are interested in using the TikTok filter, but do not know the exact process of how to use a TikTok filter and how to use it, can see the necessary training from this section completely and step by step.

  • Step 1: Open the TikTok application on your mobile phone and click on the “+” icon in the middle and bottom of the application menu as shown in the image below.

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  • Step 2: Click on the “Filters” icon in the top right corner of the screen as shown in the image below and enter the filters section.
  • Step 3: A variety of filters will appear at the bottom of the screen, you can choose the filter you want and exit the filter panel to start recording your TikTok video.


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  • Step 4: After selecting the desired filter, click on the Checkmark icon to enter the preview page. In this section, you can make more edits to your TikTok video and do things like add subtitles, music, etc.

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Don’t worry if you forget to add a filter to your video before you start recording, because you can also select the desired filter in the preview section and add it to your video file.

  • In this section, as you can see from the image below, all you have to do is to go directly to the filters section and choose a filter for your video as before.


As it turns out, due to the advancement of technology and the high quality of user-friendly programs that we see being released every day, the TikTok program has been able to be recognized as one of the best mobile phone programs with the special facilities it has provided for the audience.

Since this program is used to produce and make videos, one of its most used features is its special filters which have attracted the attention of many users. How to use a TikTok filter, which was the main topic of this article, was able to make this program look better than other similar programs and make it superior.



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