How To See Instagram Analytics On Desktop And The Most Important Criteria For Evaluation

If you like to learn how to see Instagram analytics on desktop and check your account data with their help, you need a business account. After converting your account, you can use native Instagram tools to check your account status. To do this, follow the steps below. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks.

  • Log in to your profile in the app.
  • Tap on the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the insight option in the opened menu.

View the overview of your page, the content produced, activities, and statistics related to your contacts.

You can check the details of the posts individually by clicking on the view insight link below each of the provided statistics. Discovery data is also designed to track hashtags and check their effectiveness. In this way, you can find out if hashtags are useful for your audience to find you and attract them.

How to see Instagram analytics on desktop?

You can also analyze your Instagram page from your desktop computer. This may be very suitable for people who are not interested in phone analysis. In this article, we will introduce two simple methods of how to see Instagram analytics on desktop. You can do this with the help of two tools, creator studio, and Hootsuite.

Install Instagram Insight on desktop via Creator Studio

For this, you need to enter the Facebook Creator Studio program and click on the Instagram icon in the top bar. After that, click on Insights in the left sidebar and check your activity or contact statistics for the last 7 days. If you need access to statistics for more than 7 days, it is better to use Hootsuite’s desktop Instagram analytics tool.

How to see Instagram analytics on desktop with the Hootsuite tool


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Log in to your Hootsuite dashboard and click on the Analytics option in the sidebar.

After that select your Instagram profile. (For your Instagram icon to appear on the app’s dashboard, you need to create an account.)

Select the desired date range and search by your criteria. Receive existing reports and plan your progress based on them.

What are the most important criteria for evaluating Instagram?

Instagram analytics tools check many topics and show you their results. But the important thing here is which of these data you should pay more attention to. For this reason, in this section, we are trying to state the most important criteria so that you don’t worry when dealing with the data of these tools and make the most of them.

Engagement rate

How to calculate the interaction rate is as follows?

The average engagement rate for all posts = (post interactions (likes and comments) ÷ total number of followers (or number of views) * 100)

This measure can be considered the best evaluation to determine the amount of popularity of your post and check your performance in dealing with the audience. Note that this percentage decreases as the number of followers increases. Almost all Instagram analytics tools calculate engagement rates for your account and sometimes for individual posts.

Of course, some experts believe that it is better to replace the number of followers in this formula with the number of impressions. Therefore, the number that different tools give you may be different. Follow us in the article on how to see Instagram analytics on desktop.

Increase in followers

How to calculate the rate of increase of followers is as follows?

(difference between the number of previous and current followers ÷ the previous number of followers) *100

If you don’t measure the growth rate of followers over time, this metric is practically useless. Because you can’t check how much your popularity has increased. Using this measure, you can check your monthly growth rate and continue this growing trend by strengthening your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses.

Website Traffic


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If you own a website in addition to your Instagram page, this criterion will be useful for you. This metric shows how many of your followers clicked on the website link and entered it that way. In general, there are three main places to place a website link on an Instagram page. Analytics tools will show you the contact click statistics for all three locations separately. We will explain a little more about these three places below.

  • The number of people who clicked on the link in the Instagram bio.
  • The number of people who entered the website through the story.
  • Using UTM parameters in links (UTM parameters indicate the number of people who copied the link in their browser, sent it to their friends or entered the website through page promotion on influencers’ pages.)

Hashtag functionality

Note that using hashtags on Instagram is the most suitable, cheapest, and most efficient way to attract new contacts. how to see Instagram analytics on desktop will help you to create new hashtags. In this way, your new content will be seen by more contacts and your page will become a popular page sooner.

Audience review criteria


Most Instagram analytics tools give you an overview of your audience’s gender, age, and location. In this article how to see Instagram analytics on desktop, don’t underestimate the importance of this information. Through them, you can define your target market and create content specifically for your buyers or main contacts. In addition, by knowing the audience, you can create a clearer strategy and move forward with more strength and speed.

One point: statistics show that in addition to demographic information, the behavior of the contacts can also be effective. Behavioral statistics are statistics that show when your contacts visit your page the most. So you can recognize the best times to post and improve your page in terms of Instagram algorithms.

Posting Criteria

Post engagement rate

How to calculate the engagement rate per post = amount of post interactions ÷ total number of followers or views *100

Instagram interactions including likes, comments, and saving posts are your bread and butter on Instagram. Therefore, you should take their review seriously. Some experts believe that comments and opinions come before likes. Because comments show that users are more interested in your content and spend time on it.

Post a comment


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How to calculate post comments = post interactions ÷ number of followers or number of views * 100

In general, it is not so difficult to place a post and get people to like it. What is more important is attracting the attention of the audience and trying to get their opinion. If you want to build a loyal audience for your page and strengthen your relationship with them, pay special attention to improving your comment submission rate. Do not miss the continuation of the article on how to see Instagram analytics on desktop.

Note that the comments sent by the contacts show you how they feel about your posts. So getting feedback from your audience can help your business grow on Instagram.

The total number of sending your posts to Instagram users with how to see Instagram analytics on desktop

The number of views that a story or post gets can show whether your audience is satisfied with the content produced or not. Have you used the right hashtags? Are your ads effective or is it better to think about advertising on more popular pages?

The total number of unique accounts that have seen your post.

Note that your number of views can exceed the number of your followers. The more interesting and engaging the content you produce; the more people will see your post. In this way, Instagram itself will help grow your page.

Criteria for reviewing stories

The interaction rate of stories

The way to calculate the interaction rate of stories is as follows.

Total actions ÷ total unique accounts that viewed the story * 100

To measure the story’s engagement rate, you can check the number of responses, page views, and the number of clicks on the pages and links tagged on the story. These stats are positive interactions that tell you if you are on the right track or not.

Number of clicks on navigation keys

Instagram story is one of the places where marketers can also check their negative feedback. You can check the statistics of the following issues in detail through how to see Instagram analytics on desktop.

  • Number of returns to the story (Does the audience intend to watch the story again? What is the rate at which the audience returns to your story?)
  • The number of story skips (how many people click to skip your story? Is the story content boring?)
  • The number of people passing through your page (how many contacts go past them and go to the next story without seeing a single page of the stories.)
  • Exit (how many contacts leave the program after watching a story and go to other options)

How to see Instagram analytics on desktop is an excellent solution to measure audience behavior and your popularity. Because it accurately examines all the behaviors of the contacts and shows you all the details.


Using Instagram analytics tools, you can evaluate your goals and check if you have achieved what you wanted. Fortunately, these tools have also improved in the last few years and have become more reliable. In addition, they have adapted themselves to the new laws and included violating people’s privacy as part of their red line.


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