How To Make A WhatsApp API Approved Business Account?[2024]

How to make a WhatsApp API approved business account?

Creating a WhatsApp API approved business account can play an important role in influencing your customer communication strategies. While the regular WhatsApp Business account you get through the free app has its benefits, having a WhatsApp Business account through the WhatsApp Business API gives your business a green tick on your business profile and more.

Creating a WhatsApp Business account with the “WhatsApp Business” app is a very simple process. In this article on Dr Tricks, we will go over exactly how to create a WhatsApp API approved business account. Stay with us.

What exactly is a WhatsApp API approved business account?

An API connects two software tools so they can talk to each other and share data.

WhatsApp Business API connects a marketing or CRM platform with a WhatsApp Business account. Access is provided through official WhatsApp business partners, mainly SaaS providers.

In short, your app needs WhatsApp integration to be able to use the WhatsApp API to send messages.

This is because the WhatsApp Business API is not a standalone software application, but uses the business interface for campaign creation, performance tracking, and list management.

Thus, WhatsApp API approved business account adds a wide range of marketing capabilities to your marketing toolbox and opens up many opportunities, including:

  • Send transactional messages (order confirmations) and alerts (e.g. appointment reminders, shipping updates)
  • Provide real-time customer support
  •  Answering frequently asked questions through auto responders
  • Sending WhatsApp marketing messages, for example, WhatsApp broadcasts
  • Create multi-channel automation workflows (e.g. email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger)

WhatsApp Business API is a powerful integration built for medium and large businesses with larger customer care teams and more sophisticated customer engagement tactics. You can communicate directly with each customer as needed and save time and provide a better customer experience thanks to automation capabilities.

The WhatsApp API approved business account comes with the “WhatsApp Business API” app while creating a regular WhatsApp business account is done using the free “WhatsApp Business” app. In this post, we will focus on both and teach you how to create a WhatsApp Business account.

How to create WhatsApp API approved business account?

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In addition to the free “WhatsApp Business” application, there is another way to create a WhatsApp Business account. This includes using the WhatsApp Business API. This method is a bit longer. There is also a pricing component in the API. However, it provides many more features and benefits to companies. “WhatsApp Business API” can only be accessed through an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP) such as WATI.

WhatsApp green tick

Whether you need the WhatsApp Business API or not depends on what stage your business is at. While the free WhatsApp Business app is geared toward small businesses and entrepreneurs, the API is designed with larger, growing businesses in mind. Having an official WhatsApp Business account via WhatsApp API approved business account gives you a green tick on your business profile and more.

This means that only an officially verified WhatsApp account can proudly display the green WhatsApp tick next to its name. You may have noticed that some businesses already have it, but how exactly did they get it? How to get a WhatsApp API approved business account and show your WhatsApp green badge to prove it?

If you want to get a WhatsApp API approved business account with a green mark, you have to take a different and slightly more complicated approach than downloading, installing, and registering with the free app.

You need to go through a path that requires getting the WhatsApp Business API. It will involve more effort and some cost, but it will be worth it in the end. Stay tuned and we will show you exactly how to get a WhatsApp API approved business account and get your green badge.

WhatsApp API approved business account process

  1. Register with a Business Service Provider (BSP) such as WATI.
  2. Create a business manager account.
  3. Give your business manager ID to BSP.
  4. Allow BSP to send messages on your behalf.
  5. Verify your business, policy, and brand name.

Register with WATI or any other Business Solution Provider (BSP)

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BSP is a platform that can connect your business with WhatsApp Business API and provide all the benefits of WhatsApp and many more. Such a platform is resourced and authorized by WhatsApp to perform all necessary checks on the legitimacy of your business.

Specifically, BSP can:

  • Create, activate, and manage your official WhatsApp Business account.
  • Connect your WhatsApp business account with “WhatsApp Business API”.
  • Manage your customer messages in a single inbox.
  • Provide a place for your team members to collaborate.
  • Perform data-driven analysis and provide valuable insights.


In this article, we tried to introduce you to the concept of a WhatsApp API approved business account and raise important points about it. If you are looking to implement your business on this platform, pay attention to whether your business is big or small and create one of the WhatsApp business accounts. Be sure to use a dedicated phone number for yourself so as not to harm your regular WhatsApp number.


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