How To Send WhatsApp Business Automated Messages?[15 stages]

WhatsApp business automated messages send

Maybe it has happened to you that you are in a business meeting for hours and you don’t want to leave your customers who have sent you a message on WhatsApp without an answer or send a message to your contacts automatically during non-office hours; If we are looking for an answer to solve these problems, we must say that in such a situation, you will need to use the ability to send WhatsApp business automated messages.

By using the send automated messages in whatsapp business feature, you can send your message on the date and time you specify to any contact you want. If you are not familiar with this feature of WhatsApp Business, continue with Dr Tricks.

Next, we describe the step-by-step method of sending WhatsApp business automated messages. Do we suggest that after reading this article.

First stage

First, you need to download and install the WhatsApp Business app on your phone.

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Second stage

Click on the three dots icon () at the top of the WhatsApp Business app.

Third stage

Then select the Settings option to enter the WhatsApp settings section (iPhone users must select the gear icon from the bottom of their WhatsApp application to enter the WhatsApp Business settings).

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The fourth stage

In the next step, touch the box related to Business tools.

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The fifth step of WhatsApp business automated messages

Then select the Away message option (in some phones, you don’t need to select the Business tools option to access this option, because you can find the Away message box a little below it).

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The sixth stage

When you connect with Away, you will be given the option to send a message.  If this option is disabled, you need to enable it.

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The seventh step of WhatsApp business automated messages

After the Send away message option is activated, new options will appear. By touching the Away message option, you can give the text of your desired message to WhatsApp so that it will send it to you automatically at the appointed time.

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The eighth stage

In the next step, you will see a box where you can enter your desired message. In this box, there is a default text that you can touch to edit or delete the default message and insert your desired message text. After the message is finalized, press the ok button.

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The ninth stage

Now you need to specify the time to send the message. To determine the time of sending, proceed from the Schedule section.

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Tenth stage

In this section, you must first select one of the following three options.

The first option

Always Send: This option is used to send WhatsApp business automated messages at all hours (working and non-working).

The second option

Custom schedule: You should choose this option when you want to send a specific message to your audience at a specific time. This option is mostly used when you are in a business meeting and you need to automatically send a message from your side if someone sends you a message on WhatsApp Business; For example, say “Thank you for your message. I’m not available right now. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

The third option

Outside of business hours: This option is used to send automated messages outside of business hours. This means that whoever sends you a message outside of your working hours, WhatsApp Business will automatically send them the desired message (you must specify your working hours in advance in your WhatsApp Business profile).

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The eleventh stage

Now you have to specify the start time of sending the message from the Start time box and the end time from the End time box.

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The twelfth stage

Then click Done.

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The thirteenth stage

Now you have to select your desired contacts. Select your contacts from the Recipients section located in the Away message section.

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The fourteenth stage

Your contacts will be placed in one of the following four groups to receive the scheduled message:

Everyone: WhatsApp business send message to all contacts

Everyone not in the address book: Your message will be sent only to those who are not on the list of your mobile phone book. This option is mostly used when you plan to welcome new customers.

Everyone except: This option helps you to make an exception for some of your contacts to send automated messages in WhatsApp business. This means that your message will not be sent to the contacts you choose below. Next, you should put a mark on the circle next to the name of your desired contacts that you do not want to receive your message. After that, by selecting the tick icon or Done text, your operation will end.

Only sent to: This option allows you to specify only your target contacts. Next, you have to select the contacts from the list of your notebook to whom you want your WhatsApp business automated messages to be sent.

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The fifteenth stage

In the last step, you should save all your settings.

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In this article, you learned how to send your WhatsApp business automated messages in a predetermined and automatic manner to your desired audience at the appointed time. We hope this article was useful for you.

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