How To Create An Instagram Professional Account?[8 Ways]

Instagram was initially started as a network for easy communication and entertainment of users in all parts of the world. But over time and with the unprecedented acceptance of people from this network, many people have set up Instagram professional account and started extensive and continuous activities in this space to be seen on Instagram, and now we see such accounts with high numbers of followers.

Instagram space is a competitive space and users need to keep in mind and use all the points of audience attraction and effective activity to progress in their career in this network so that they can compete with other well-known pages in their profession.

You should know that to achieve this goal, it will not be possible to make progress overnight, and you will only achieve this goal by spending time, perseverance, and useful content, and of course using the tips that we will discuss further. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks.

Ways to Create an Instagram professional account

At first, you will have to enter an email or enter your mobile number to enter Instagram.  After choosing your password and username, your page will be displayed as a new page on Instagram. Now you have a simple account that you want to turn into an Instagram professional account, but how? In the beginning, we mentioned that to have an Instagram professional account, you need to be active on Instagram for a longer time. Do all the steps below from the beginning of your activity. We suggest that after reading this article, for more information, be sure to read the article What is Creator Studio Instagram.

1- Use an attractive username and profile

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The first thing that your contacts pay attention to is the username and picture that you choose as a profile for your account. We recommend that you use a short and simple username.

If you are selling products of a specific brand, choose the brand name for your account.  With this method, the audience will reach your page by searching for your brand name on Instagram. To choose your Instagram account image, it is better to use the image of your products or your brand logo. This image must be of high quality.

2- Make your account a business

Instagram has added useful features to this platform in its new updates. One of these features is the ability to recognize different pages with different users. If you turn your page into a business account, Instagram will show you many features. Among these features, it will be possible to check feedback statistics by the audience and other useful features.

3- Use an effective biography to create an Instagram professional account

As you know, the contacts after encountering your page on their Instagram, after checking your username and profile, check your biography. You will have 150 characters to introduce yourself and your brand. Briefly and usefully introduce the desired product, company, and brand in your biography and describe your professional history. In the end, you can also mention your work address and phone number in your biography to make your contacts more confident.

4- Interact with the users of this network

If you follow all the tips to turn your page into an Instagram professional account, but you cannot interact with Instagram users, you should not expect progress and improvement of your page.

To create interaction, you also need to follow people. These people should work in the field related to your business. Try to devote time to liking posts and commenting on other pages. In this way, many users will get to know your page and follow you. Another way to create interaction on Instagram is to respond to the comments that the audience shares under your posts. In this way, you will attract the trust of the audience.

5- Produce unique content

If you cannot produce attractive and unique content, all the ways that we have suggested so far to create an Instagram professional account will be ineffective. The main part of the activity of a professional page on Instagram is content production. You need a professional camera for this. You can also get help from a high-quality phone. Try to be creative in creating content and use interesting ideas.

Measure the taste of your audience and produce content that you are sure will receive useful feedback from users. You should not expect that your posts and page content will be very well received at the very beginning. It takes a lot of effort to get to this point.

6- Use related hashtags

Do not underestimate the role of hash tagging for an Instagram professional account. Try to find effective hashtags by searching the pages of your competitors and using these hashtags under your posts. With this method, many users will access your page after searching each of these hashtags.

7- Get help from the Instagram bot and admin

If you are one of those people who can’t be active on your Instagram continuously and you don’t have much time for this, you can get the help of a professional admin to manage your page in the best possible way, and if you don’t have enough money to hire an admin, you can use robots that replace Instagram admins.


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These robots will establish the necessary interaction on your page and will work on Instagram instead of you.

8- Buy real Instagram followers

You may want to upgrade your page to an Instagram professional account in a shorter time. Our advice is to buy real Instagram followers. With this method, you will not need to spend a lot of time attracting followers naturally and use time-consuming and expensive ways.


If planning and producing continuous content on Instagram is important for your business or brand, creating an Instagram professional account should be your first choice. By creating an Instagram professional account, you can use the facilities and capabilities provided by Instagram to analyze customers, increase sales, and generally manage your business.



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