How Tiktok Algorithm Works And What Does It Mean?

As a huge source of viral video content and internet trends, TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms in just a few years. 2021 can be considered the most prosperous year for this social network. The year in which it was able to surpass YouTube in terms of monthly time spent. So much so that its users used it an average of 24.5 hours per month. In the following, we will explain more about how tiktok algorithm works.

Contribution of TikTok algorithm in increasing brand awareness

Due to the high levels of engagement that takes place there, many brands use TikTok to increase brand awareness. Especially among young users, the willingness to use it is very visible. But the question is how tiktok algorithm works?

What is the mysterious thing about it that makes it so addictive? Most importantly, how can we use its potential to our advantage to get the most out of it? Stay tuned to DrTricks as I continue to explore this topic in more detail.


How tiktok algorithm works? Algorithm definition

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The TikTok algorithm has a complex system and structure. So that depending on the personal preferences of users, it prefers which videos to display on its For You page. In other words, this system determines what kind of video content each user is more interested in.

As a result, the For You page in TikTok is personalized for each user. So that no two users see exactly the same pages.

By limiting recommendations to specific interests, each user sees content that is most compatible with their mood and mood. For example, football fans see content related to this sport and general sports videos are not displayed on their page.

Attention of TikTok algorithm to the changes of users’ interests

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How tiktok algorithm works and what does it mean? TikTok’s algorithm means that the types of videos you see may also change over time as your preferences and state of mind change. TikTok’s algorithm quickly adapts to users’ behavioral changes. Finally, the most appropriate video for each of them will be displayed. This may happen instantaneously. Imagine how advanced and accurate its algorithm works.

For example, when you create fun cooking content or watch food-related content, you may see a lot of such content on your page. But as soon as you lose interest in such content, you may see these videos diminish.

Because your interactions with cooking videos have decreased and the TikTok algorithm has recognized this well. Therefore, it can be said that TikTok recognizes your interests and quickly adapts to it.


Factors affecting the tick-tock algorithm

The effect of user interactions on TikTok algorithm

But the question is how tiktok algorithm works? TikTok’s algorithm is very similar to Instagram’s algorithm. Because it cares a lot about how users interact on the platform. In other words, it looks at how you behave on the social network to understand what you are interested in. The signals used in this direction include the following:

  • Videos you like.
  • Videos you share.
  • Accounts you follow.
  • The content you create.
  • Comments you post.
  • Videos that you add to your favorite list.
  • Users you block.
  • Videos you add to your “Unfavorite” list.

The importance of watching the full video in the TikTok algorithm

To further narrow down your interests, TikTok also takes into account how long you watch a video. When you watch a video in its entirety, a strong signal will be sent to the TikTok algorithm. This shows that you are more interested in the video.

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As a result, the algorithm gives it more weight. Additionally, TikTok’s algorithm also makes more use of content creators that you regularly engage with. It is natural that your desire and interest will show itself during the time you are involved with it. In the rest of the article, how tiktok algorithm works, stay with us.

Video information and formation of TikTok algorithm

In addition to the interactions and activity you have in this social network, TikTok also takes into account video information. By factoring the information and signs in the videos, the desired topic is identified in order to achieve a more accurate assessment of the users’ interests. These details include various items, the most important of which include the following:

  • Captions to identify keywords that can tell the algorithm what the content is about.
  • Hashtags to categorize the content and inform the algorithm that determines the relevance of the content.
  • The sounds used in the video. The use of music and songs helps TikTok’s algorithm to more accurately identify the subject of the content and the user’s field of interest.

User account settings

The TikTok algorithm also uses your device and account settings to get more accurate information. Of course, this information is limited to user activity and video information and does not include users’ privacy and confidential information.

This trend is used as a way to optimize user performance and less often as content recommendation signals. Because users don’t explicitly state them as their priorities. Some of the device and user account settings that the algorithm considers include:

  • Device type
  • Geographical location
  • Language preference

What the tick-tock algorithm does not show

The question is how tiktok algorithm works? In an effort to continuously optimize the user experience, TikTok will remove some content from being displayed on the For You page. This process is to ensure that you don’t keep seeing the same videos that you’ve expressly disapproved of.

This means that the tick-tock algorithm works accurately. Some of the contents that are not displayed for users in this algorithm include the following:

  • Content you’ve already watched.
  • Spam content, duplicate content
  • Content you’ve marked as “not interested”.
  • Potentially harmful/upsetting content

Going viral on TikTok: An overview of some important points

Whether you are a content creator who wants to grow it on TikTok or a brand that wants to expand its reach through TikTok, understanding the TikTok algorithm is essential. This helps you create content that gets more exposure.


Focus on a subculture

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Since the topic of content is important in the TikTok algorithm, it is important to consistently create content in a relevant niche. The more videos you create on your niche, the more chances you have to show up on the right users’ For You pages. It is very important to first decide on the subculture or niche to focus on.

This decision allows you to reach an existing community and increase the visibility of your content with the right audience. This is quite simple for brands because they have already established their products in certain cultures and industries.

It’s all about how the tiktok algorithm works and find out what kind of content is popular in those industries and niches and use them to inspire your tiktok content strategy.

Cultural diversity as a challenge for content producers

This may create a different challenge for content creators. Because there are many different options to choose from. For example, if you have a talent for comedy, the entertainment subculture might be right for you. Or if you are interested in skin and makeup, maybe it is better to enter the subculture of beauty and care.

Finally, the good news is that you don’t have to choose just one of them. You can expand the scope of your activity and work in different fields. It might even be better to mix the topic of your videos into several subcultures to get a better mix of them. But the art is to be able to create a meaningful and thematic connection between them.

Create short videos

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Remember when we said that TikTok’s algorithm cares whether or not users watch a video completely? This can work in your favor if you create shorter videos that are easy to finish in a few seconds. Meanwhile, TikTok allows you to create videos of up to 60 seconds. We suggest that you read the continuation of the article, how tiktok algorithm works.

If you want a higher video completion rate, you should aim for a much shorter video duration. Try to keep most of your videos between 15 and 20 seconds to increase the chances of users completing them. However, make sure you don’t compromise the quality of your content. This will help you engage your audience and get your message across more clearly.

Take seriously the importance of the first few seconds

Although the ultimate goal is for users to watch your entire video, there is a more important point before that. You should know that the first few seconds of every video are very important. Therefore, first of all, you need to make sure that users want to watch your video.

Considering this point, we find out that the first few seconds of every video are very important. Because if your content does not engage the audience from the beginning, they will quickly pass it.

That is why it is important to design the first moments of the video to be attractive, creative and inspiring. This way, your audience will quickly engage with it and be eager to watch it. Make sure the first 2-3 seconds of the video can instantly grab your audience by using an overlay of text, visuals, and audio. Cut out any unnecessary parts and go straight to the interesting part. Learn more about how tiktok algorithm works.


Use popular hashtags

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Using popular hashtags in TikTok videos is a great way to increase your chances of being featured on the respective users’ For You pages. Since popular hashtags already have a large number of interactions, it is the best way to increase the views of your videos.

So look for trending hashtags under the Discover tab and see if there are opportunities for your brand. Even better, keep an eye out for hashtag challenges you can participate in.  Trending challenges not only give you ideas for content, but participating in them increases your chances of being seen.


Use trending audio content

The question is how tiktok algorithm works? To increase the chances of your content being seen, make sure you use popular songs and sounds in your videos. TikTok statistics and reports show that 68% of users remember a brand better when they see it in a video with their favorite song.

Additionally, 58% of users feel more strongly connected to the brand and 62% show more curiosity to learn about the brand. This issue shows the influence of popular audio elements in TikTok.

Use relevant and inspiring captions

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We noticed that the TikTok algorithm gives great importance to the subtitles and captions of the videos. This is another opportunity to optimize your content to attract more audiences. In TikTok, you can create a description with 300 characters about the content. So use relevant and inspiring captions to give your video more power.

You can use this space to insert keywords. But how Tiktok algorithm works? Make sure you are not trying to fool the algorithm with random keywords. Keywords should be written naturally and completely related to the video content. A one-sentence phrase that includes the keyword alone is sufficient. You can use funny captions, in-depth questions and things like that.



Among all social networks, TikTok’s algorithm is considered one of the strongest.

In the short time that this medium has been around, TikTok has become a great source for viral content.

Taking into account user interactions, video information, account settings and user devices, TikTok shows the best content that is related to their field of interest.

Using accurate techniques can make your content go viral and ultimately increase your brand awareness.

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