How Many Mb Does Tiktok Consume? [ Low-power Internet Usage Solution ]

How many mb does tiktok consume? A question that most users do not know; In fact, a large number of popular applications work with the Internet, and even some of these applications consume a lot of Internet, which is a little inconvenient for users. Among these applications, those with video content use the most enormous amount of internet and consume the internet in the blink of an eye.

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These days, online video applications have taken up a large part of people’s free time, and using them has become a daily habit among people, so as a result, by knowing the amount of Internet consumption of your popular applications, you can make the best use of them.

One of these video applications isTikTok. As we mentioned, Internet consumption of video applications is very high, andTikTok is no exception. If you are aTikTok user and want to know how many mb does tiktok consume, it is better to stay with DrTricks in the rest of this article.

How many mb does tiktok consume?

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TikTok is an application with all video content; the amount of Internet consumption is very high and, even more than Instagram. In addition to this, theTikTok application reduces the volume of videos after uploading to a much smaller amount than usual. Internet consumption ofTikTok is 400 MB in 30 minutes. Also, the Internet consumption of this application is 800 MB in 60 minutes.


According to research, watching a 15-second video onTikTok consumes about 2 to 6 megabytes of internet, an average of 4 megabytes. If you use a lower resolution to watch and download videos onTikTok, the amount of data will be about 2 MB, and if the resolution of the videos is high, the Internet consumption will be close to 6 MB. According to this average, the amount of data that a person uses is on average, about 1 GB per hour, which is the size of Internet consumption in high resolution.

When you analyze Internet consumption depending on the quality, in some cases, an SD quality video may use about 0.7GB, which is roughly 700MB/hour. If you watch the video in HD quality, it may use 0.9 GB, 1.5 GB, and 3 GB. For ultra-HD setups, the data requirements may be very high. Stay tuned in the article to see how many mb does tiktok consume.


Should we use Wi-Fi or mobile data to useTikTok?!


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One of the great ways to enjoy watchingTikTok videos without worrying about running out of internet is to use WIFI. Strictly speaking, the unlimited internet package may be the best option. If you use mobile data onTikTok, you will run out of data quickly. Using WIFI is the best and most economical way to useTikTok. Therefore, it is better to use unlimited WIFI for the times when you are complete onTikTok.


How to use less internet while usingTikTok?

AlthoughTikTok consumes a lot of the Internet, there are ways to minimizeTikTok’s Internet consumption. Some of these ways are:

1- Use data save mode

How many mb does tiktok consume? In default settings,TikTok can consume 70 MB of internet in five minutes, about 840 MB in an hour. When you set it to Data Saver, it can consume nearly 30MB of internet in five minutes, up to 360 MB in an hour. But you can apply data save mode only when using mobile data. When applying for WIFI, your resolution will be at its highest.

Using the data-saving mode reduces the amount of Internet consumption by nearly half. Of course, this will reduce the resolution of the videos, so the quality may be low when watching the videos. If you want to use data-saving mode, you must go through the following steps:

Step 1: First, go to the settings of your mobile phone and open the programs option and selectTikTok from the list of programs.

Step 2: After completing the above steps, tap on the mobile data icon and then select “Allow background data usage” and turn it off. After doing this, the app only consumes the internet when you open it. Therefore, it does not use data in the background.


2- Use theTikTok Lite application

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Tik Tok lite app is the latest version ofTikTok that allows you to watch your videos with less data. Also, less battery is consumed when using this program. Continue with the article how many mb does tiktok consume.

3- Use WIFI to upload and watch videos

Recording, uploading and downloading videos on TikTok consumes a lot of internet. However, if you want to watch videos or upload them but don’t have access to WIFI, leave it for later and do it when you are connected to WIFI.

Finally, the answer to how many mb does tiktok consume is that the use of mobile data inTikTok is very expensive and the best way to minimize costs is to use an unlimited mobile data plan or unlimited WIFI.



Short videos have been one of the most desirable features of social networking applications. Instagram offers Stories and Reels, YouTube Shorts and Snapchat has its own short videos. But no program is as dominant on short videos asTikTok. An application that quickly became popular among users due to this feature.TikTok now has more than 1 billion monthly active users and by 2025 this number will multiply.

Just like Instagram,TikTok provides its users with great features that encourage them to make and upload videos as much as they watch them. So when you enter this platform, you will be entertained for a few hours. But while TikTok is the best app for watching and uploading fun short videos, it’s also one of the most data-hungry apps, earning it the nickname of the internet data pack killer.

In response to how many mb does tiktok consume, it can be said that one hour of surfing the tiktok feed page consumes 840 megabytes of your internet package. This can easily reach 10 GB within a week. If you are one of the users who, in addition to watching videos, also upload videos themselves, this amount will be even higher. Therefore,TikTok is another program that will surprise you at the end of the month.

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