Do You Know How Much Instagram Pays For Reels?

Are you familiar with the ability to earn dollars from Instagram? Do you know how much Instagram pays for reels?  We do not mean generating income with common methods such as advertising and product sales; Rather, it is a much easier way to receive money from this program itself. Instagram is so popular that its creators want to work on direct revenue generation in competition with other media and expand it rapidly globally.

The story is that Instagram has recently added the feature “Reels Play Bonus” to this program so that with the help of this feature and by playing videos on reels, top video producers can earn money on the platform of this program. But now how much Instagram pays for reels and how it works and how to earn money through it are the questions that we want to answer in the continuation of this article from Dr Tricks. So we suggest you join us.

What is Bonus Instagram Reels Play?

Most likely, you have seen Reels videos on Instagram. Reels on Instagram allows the user to make short, practical, and entertaining videos and use various visual effects and music in video production. The creators of Instagram added this feature to Instagram in competition with the tiktok platform, and now they have gone one step further, and it seems that for Instagram to stand head and neck higher than its competitors and keep its popularity at the top, playing Reels have turned into an interesting and encouraging way to earn money.

In this way, users can receive their reward from Instagram after producing a video in Reels and sharing it in a certain time, with a certain number of views, but how much Instagram pays for reels?

This means that the user should not necessarily have a business page. Even without worrying about making money from advertisements, selling products and services, or looking to collect financial support from contacts or sponsors, he can earn money directly from Instagram just by producing videos and attracting more visitors.

With this description, it seems to be an exciting feature. Isn’t that so? Of course, you need to know that this feature, which is a form of Instagram financial support for video creators on Reels, is currently only available by invitation to creators based in the United States of America.

But the implementation of the promises of this method, which was previously announced by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), shows that direct income from Instagram will soon expand.


In the meantime, the important point is that the user must be familiar with how to use Reels and be able to produce creative video content and get more visitors and followers by using the various effects and music lists that exist in this feature. In the continuation of the article, how much Instagram pays for reels, we will discuss the rewards mechanism of the reels section.

How does the Reels bonus work?

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Currently how much Instagram pays for reels is based on producers and eligible users having at least 1000 views on their videos in 30 days. Also, the high number of followers and their interaction as visitors are very effective in this process. In general, how to get rewards from Reels and earn money directly from Instagram is as follows:

When the Reels Play Bonus feature is available on Instagram, you have 30 days to make the most of your activity. The duration and expiration date can be seen in this program.

After you activate this feature, the reward of Instagram during these 30 days will be determined by how much Instagram pays for reels.

During this time, you are free to play the number of videos, that is, there are options to determine how many videos you can play during this period.

Note that making money with this method depends on the creativity of your video reels, attracting some followers, and the number of visitors. There are options for earning more milestones on your page, and by choosing these options, the resulting earnings per video stream may change over time. So remember that the maximum payment amount is different from one account to another.

The reward you will receive depends on your activity and your continuous presence in this program. but do not worry! Even if you don’t manage to reach that number of videos of your choice in this time frame, you can still get your reward if your views reach 1000.

Let’s check together how much Instagram pays for reels

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You have probably realized by now that to receive Reels streaming bonus and earn money directly from Instagram as a user, you need to spend your time and energy on creating videos and attracting visitors, and taking advantage of Instagram dollar payment. But the question is how much Instagram pays for reels and is it worth the user’s time to spend on it?

As we mentioned before, making money directly from Instagram by playing short videos differs from one account to another. Each user can personalize his activity during this period and, for example, choose how many videos he will play, and, depending on his choice, he will receive a different reward compared to another user’s choice.

So far, it is clear that in this program there is an opportunity for users to earn up to 10 thousand dollars directly from Instagram. But for example, one user might have the potential to earn $8,500 for showing 9.28 million plays, and another user would need to have 11.02 million plays to earn $1,200. Of course, Instagram makes changes in payment.

In the initial stages, depending on the number of views and specified options, Instagram dollar payments are made, and this process gradually leads to higher rewards with more activity. But what are the rules and conditions for earning direct income from Instagram with the help of Video Reels rewards? Stay with us in the continuation of the article on how much Instagram pays for reels.

Rules and conditions for receiving Reels video streaming bonus

Whatever you do, you must first know and follow the rules and conditions related to it. Using the Reels tool to create video content and activate the ability to receive Reels Play Bonus is no exception to this rule. So far, the following conditions and rules exist for this feature:

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  • Applying settings: remember that not every user has the conditions to earn money from this method. That is, Instagram must confirm the conditions according to its algorithms and allow the activation of this program. After this step, the user must specify the type of activity and enter the necessary settings. In the meantime, if he is the owner of an Internet business, he must enter the relevant and requested information.
  • Choosing a payment method: The user must select a payment method to make the payment through it. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive your amount after five months or when you reach the $500 bonus. In general, without creating a payment account, you will lose the bonus after six months.
  • Publishing videos: When publishing videos within 24 hours, it is possible to edit.
  • How to calculate: As we mentioned, in a month you determine how many reels you will play and how much you will receive in return. If you cannot implement this number, videos that have 1000 views will be counted. Note that Instagram sees your performance and the number of views and followers.
  • Performance tracking: The user must go to his page in this program and be informed about his activity and the amount of his reward. Despite this condition, he can produce content with better planning and, if necessary, move towards creating newer and more creative videos.


The creators of Instagram, seeking to provide a way to earn money directly from Instagram, have recently activated the Reels Play Bonus feature in this program and are always working on it to make it widely and globally available to qualified users. We have fully explained in this article that this feature implemented on receiving rewards through the production of video reels can be a very attractive and convenient way for video creators and business owners. We hope that by reading the article Do you know how much Instagram pays for reels, you have achieved important things related to making money directly from Instagram.


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