What Are The Types Of Instagram Restrict?

Instagram should be considered one of the most popular social networks. Instagram restrict was also created for this reason to prevent abuse by some people. These restrictions exist in different fields such as the amount of likes, follows, and unfollows, tagging people, commenting, and posting.

To be able to do your work on Instagram in the best way, it is better to get information about Instagram restrict so as not to face problems such as being fined. In this article from Dr Tricks, we intend to express some points about these limitations. What you will read in this article:


Why is Instagram restrict?

Instagram should be considered one of the most popular social networks where many businesses are active. For this reason, some people do some activities by building bots or robots to unnaturally increase the engagement of pages. This can cause unrealistic statistics on Instagram to increase. For this reason, Instagram has imposed restrictions so that these types of accounts cannot cause problems.

Instagram likes that the pages that operate in a correct and principled way experience more progress. If these restrictions did not exist, some pages had many unrealistic followers, likes, and comments. This would reduce the quality of content on Instagram. For this reason, Instagram has its own strict rules regarding these rules.

Types of Instagram restrict

As we said, Instagram restrict include different parts. The degree of restriction of each of these sections is different from the others. For this reason, you must have enough information about each of these parts and their limitations so that you do not face the problem of being blocked. You should know that some of these restrictions will cause you to be banned, and not paying attention to others, such as the number of characters in a post, will cause work disruptions. The most important limitations of Instagram are:

1- Instagram restrict to follow

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The first part of the Instagram restrictions that we are going to talk about is the following restrictions. You should know that you are generally allowed to follow or unfollow 150 people per day. If the amount of following or unfollowing you exceeds this number, you are not allowed to follow or unfollow different people for a certain time. This time limit will be 24 hours for the first time.

In order not to face this problem, we suggest not following or unfollowing more than 10 people per hour. Of course, you should know that if you encounter this limitation of Instagram, you will not be allowed to follow and unfollow at that specific time, and you can do other activities you want.

2- Instagram restrict comments

Another Instagram restrict is the limit on the number of comments you leave for different posts. You should know that you are only allowed to post 200 comments per day.  Another thing you should pay attention to is that there should be at least 20 to 30 seconds between each comment. Otherwise, Instagram may recognize you as a robot and ask you to allow some activities such as commenting.

If you post more than the stated number of comments, you will not be allowed to post comments for the first 24 hours. But you can do your other activities like posting, liking, and following.

3- Instagram restrictions for Direct

The number of messages you send in Direct is another type of Instagram restrict. You should know that you cannot send more than 50 to 70 new direct messages per day. Of course, you should know that this restriction does not exist for those you have already had a conversation with in Direct. Also note that if you send the same message in Direct to different people, you may be recognized by the Instagram bot and your permission to perform certain activities may be denied.

4- Instagram restrict tagging

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You should know that Instagram accounts are also limited in tagging people. The maximum number of people you can tag in one post is 20 people.

5- Instagram restrictions for hashtags

You should know that the hashtags you can use in a post are also limited. On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags under each post. Of course, we suggest that you do this in the best way by using a smaller number of appropriate hashtags.

The use of hashtags in large numbers also reduces the beauty of the post. To be able to use hashtags in the best way, we suggest you read the topic of popular hashtags.

6- Instagram restrict for story

You should know that there are limits to posting stories on Instagram. Each account can publish a maximum of 100 stories per day (24 hours). Of course, you should know that this restriction only includes placing a new story. Categorizing and placing the stories you have published in the past is not limited to the highlight section, and you can easily place all the stories you have published before in this section.

7- Limits of likes

Liking on Instagram also has limitations. You should know that if you like more than 120 posts per hour, the probability of your ban will be very high. Also, each account can like between 300 and 350 posts during the day and night. For this reason, you should pay attention to the number of likes per day. If the number of your likes exceeds the limit, you will not be allowed to like posts for 24 hours.

If you face this restriction due to too many likes, you cannot only like, and this restriction will not include other Instagram activities.

8- Account number limit

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You should know that Instagram has created the ability to have more than one active account on one phone. Some people have a personal account in addition to their work account. Others, as administrators, perform different activities on other people’s Instagram accounts. That’s why this feature has been created. But you should know that you cannot access more than 5 Instagram accounts at the same time on one phone.

9- Restrictions on deleting posts

One of the parts of Instagram where you don’t face any restrictions is deleting your page posts. You can delete as many posts as you like on your page. This will not cause you any problems.

10- Instagram restrict newly created accounts

Newly created accounts that are less than 3 months old face much more restrictions than old accounts. For this reason, if you have created a new account, you should pay more attention to this section. The following are the most important limitations of newly created accounts on Instagram.

  • There should be a gap of 30 to 50 seconds between each action (like, follow, comment, etc.).
  • Newly created accounts should not publish more than 5 posts per day.
  • Also, after publishing a post, wait at least 10 minutes and then publish the next post.
  • The maximum message that new accounts can send directly is 20 to 50 messages per day.
  • Performing 500 different activities (likes, comments, messages, follows, etc.) is the maximum amount of activity that is intended for newly created accounts.

These Instagram restrictions will be reduced after 4 weeks of creating an account, and after 3 months they can start working like other accounts.

11- Limitation of the number of letters

You should know that you will also face Instagram restrict on the number of letters or characters that you can use in different sections of Instagram. You should know that each caption can consist of up to 2200 characters. You can also use 12 characters consisting of letters and numbers to name the highlights.

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Comments are also limited. The maximum number of characters you can enter in the comment field is 240 characters. Comments that are longer will usually be published by Instagram as two comments.

12- Profile restrictions

You are also facing restrictions in different parts of your profile. Each person’s username cannot be more than 30 characters. These characters can consist of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Also, you can put only 150 characters in the bio section.

13- Live limit

Usually, the use of live is also Instagram restrict. You should know that usually after 1 hour the live is interrupted and you have to start your live again. You can also talk live with your contacts for up to 4 hours every day and night.

14- Video limitation

You should know that Instagram posts also have a video time limit. You can post videos that are less than 1-minute long. To publish videos longer than one minute to one hour, you should use the (igtv) section. Instagram still does not have the ability to publish videos with a duration of more than one hour, but according to the creators, this Instagram restrict will be removed soon and videos with a longer duration can be published on Instagram.

The latest Instagram restrict

Instagram restrict increase with the development of this application and new restrictions will be added to this application every year by removing some restrictions. One of the latest restrictions added to Instagram is the restriction on certain advertisements. Some advertisements, such as advertisements for cosmetic surgery, weight loss, and advertisements that will cause harm to users, have been restricted, and you should be more careful when publishing such content.

Many ads, such as those promoting weight loss drugs or cosmetic surgery, are only visible to users over 18 years of age.


Instagram has set some restrictions due to the non-abuse of some people and the use of bots to receive more things like follows, likes, and comments.

Among the most important Instagram restrict, we can mention the number of likes, follows, and unfollows, publishing posts and stories, and comments in one hour and throughout the day.

Doing too many of these things will make the person not allowed to do that particular activity for at least 24 hours.

You should know that if the account faces too many restrictions for a specific topic such as likes, follows, or comments, it will not be allowed to do that specific activity and can be engaged in other activities on Instagram.

Some limitations of Instagram include the number of characters in the post, the number of tagging people, and the number of hashtags, which will help you to use this application more easily.

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