Training Instagram Search Without An Account

Is it possible to do an Instagram search without an account? In this article, we will examine the use of Instagram without having an account.

Instagram allows users to post their favorite videos and photos. These media are published in the form of posts or stories.

But to do this, we must first create an Instagram account. For this, you need an email or a mobile phone number.

But there are some people who are not interested in publishing their photos and videos. Or they don’t want to create an account for any reason.

Is there a way to enter Instagram without having an account? So continue with Dr Tricks to learn how to enter Instagram search without an account.

You may also be one of those people who do not want to have an Instagram account for any reason. But you don’t mind seeing Instagram posts either. You would like to experience seeing Instagram posts without membership, which we will explain in detail in this article so that you can view posts without becoming a member of this social network.

Instagram has created a method for such people so that they can use this application, which is one of the best social networks. If you want to do Instagram search without an account well, stay with us so that we can explain the different methods to you in a simple way.

How to Instagram search without an account?

Instagram administrators are trying to make Instagram search without an account impossible. Certainly, joining this network and creating an account is more beneficial for them. For this reason, you must log in to your account to see the posts and stories of a page. However, you may not want to create a Page or visit another profile with your Page for any reason. In this article from Dr Tricks, we teach how to Instagram search without an account. Stay with us by continuing this article.

Instagram search without an account through the site

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For Instagram search without an account and through the site, it is enough to enter the Instagram website address with the correct and accurate username of a public page in the search section of the browser. as follows:[username]

Now you can see the feed section of that user. If you want to see the posts bigger, you have to click on them. In this case, you must log in to your account. It is not possible to perform any other activities such as liking, viewing comments, etc. with this method.

You can find other accounts from the search section of the Instagram site at the top of the page, and you don’t need to go back to Google or enter a URL for the rest of the search.

If the page you want is very famous, you can search for its name on Google (for example, DrTricks Instagram) and easily find its profile. For example, it is not easy to find the page of actors, athletes, and singers. Otherwise, you need to know its username. You can enter another page. Search the name of a person or page from the Instagram search section. Then choose the closest offer from the results. Another way is to search for the person’s name in Google along with the word Instagram. Then click the best offer.

Instagram search without an account with Ingramer

You can use Ingramer for Instagram search without an account. Enter the username of the public page in the Type username box. Then click on the blue button next to it. Wait for the page to open. Click on any post to view it in a larger size. Post captions will also appear.

To see other posts, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Next Page button.

You can use this site to view public pages.

It is also possible to view the posts of the person who has blocked you.

Another part of this site allows you to see Instagram without logging in.  In this section, you can filter by gender, number of followers, number of posts, etc. to make it easier for you to find the desired page.

Login to Instagram without a number and email with GetInsta

For Instagram Search, enter the GetInsta site with Google. Then go to the bottom of the page and enter the username of the public page in the box. Then click on Get Now to see the profile picture, number of posts, and followers of that page.

This site has another section that shows you the number of followers of a page. Enter the username in the box and click Next.

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How to enter Instagram without installing Instagram?

To use Instagram without installing ImgInn, open a browser. Then, enter the word, username, or hashtag you want in the search box and press Enter. Click on the desired profile or hashtag.

On the opened page, you can see Posts, Stories and Tagged by clicking on them. You can download videos and images by clicking on Download All.

By clicking on each post, you can see the caption, comments, likes, etc. of that post. You can also download the image or video of the post by clicking on the blue Download button.


The article Instagram search without an account is finished. The last thing we want to say is that as you can see, your access to Instagram features will be very limited without a user account. Because you cannot do many things such as sending messages in Direct, sending comments, etc. without logging in to your account.

It is true that many people only use Instagram to check a small topic, but in general, these searches will not be very thorough. So it is better to log in to your account or create an account with a new name to use all the features. (If you want different people not to know you, it is better to create an Instagram account with an anonymous email and username)

Now you know how to use the Instagram app without creating an Instagram account. To use the different features of the Instagram platform, we suggest creating an account right now.



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