How To Use Instagram Filters Without Posting?

In the popular messenger program Instagram, there are many different filters that you might be interested to know that you can use these interesting filters without sharing photos or videos. You may ask how to use Instagram filters without posting.

Why, because you will definitely not want to publish them in the Instagram messenger in general.

Unfortunately, you may be told at first that there is no way you can use this Insta feature without sharing.

But there is a simple trick that you can easily save and edit images and enjoy them.

After learning these unique tricks, you can bypass Instagram and add and save Instagram filtered photos and videos to your gallery and use these images to enter other programs.  Stay tuned with DrTricks.

What is an Instagram filter?

Instagram image editing filters are one of the main and vital features of the Instagram messaging app. You can download the images you want to start using the pre-set options and edit your images by yourself with one click in just a few seconds.

It is better to know that the filters of this program, Instagram, were presented and introduced in 2011 with some very simple examples. Little by little, these simple filters became more diverse and more people wanted to use these features.

Maybe this filter and feature is simple and basic for you now, but this program and its applications were very interesting and practical for people who did not have photo editing programs.

How to use instagram filters without posting

There are many photo editing programs and tools on iOS and Android that have many filters.

However, Instagram has made editing images and videos much easier and more attractive.

Also, maybe you like a specific Instagram filter that is only available in this app and you don’t intend to post it on Instagram.

Therefore, most users are looking to know how to use Instagram filters without posting

Based on this, we will introduce you to a simple trick so that you can use Instagram filters without publishing your pictures and have them on your phone forever.

Use flight mode when uploading a post

To implement this trick, how to use instagram filters without posting:

First, you need to temporarily set your phone to airplane mode. At this stage, you can technically send the photo you want to share to your page, but because your phone is in flight mode, the process of uploading the image for posting will fail. After this, however, your edited photo will be saved to your phone as is. This is because the minimum steps required to upload it have been completed.

After that, select the desired photo to edit and apply the filter through Insta and then click NEXT in the upper right corner of the page.

word image 1402 2 | Dr Tricks


In this section, when you reach the page where you need to add the location, etc., activate the flight mode of the device. In order to access Instagram shortcuts, in the iOS version, drag the toolbar from the bottom to the top, and for Android phones, drag it from the top to the bottom.

word image 1402 3 | Dr Tricks

word image 1402 4 | Dr Tricks



Finally, go back to your Instagram page and hit Share to share


Obviously, it will not be possible to upload or post photos in this section, and you will be faced with the message “We’ll try again, once there is a better connection”.

Therefore, you can see the edited photo in your gallery or internal memory on your phone.

word image 1402 5 | Dr Tricks

Then tap on the small X button notification on the right side of the screen to cancel the post upload process.

word image 1402 6 | Dr Tricks



Then, when the window appears, you can click on the remove button. So when you take the device out of airplane mode, the Instagram app will automatically stop downloading and uploading the post.

word image 1402 7 | Dr Tricks

Finally, after you disable the flight mode, you can easily have the photos you obtained with the Instagram editor in a filtered form on your phone without sharing your favorite photos.



The Instagram application encourages everyone to use it with its attractive filters. In some cases, many people do not want to share their filtered images with others and they think that how to use instagram filters without posting.  The trick of having the phone in flight mode is one of the practical and fast ways to take advantage of Instagram’s beautiful filters.

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