How To Get Real Followers Instagram?[8 Magic Rules]

How To Get Real Followers Instagram?[8 Magic Rules]

There are many ways to increase followers Instagram. Everyone can play funny, take selfies, or advertise on the yellow pages. But what are the basic ways to get real followers Instagram? In this article, our audience is you who are looking for basic and correct ways to increase followers on Instagram.

To increase real followers, I guarantee you that by using these 8 magic rules, your followers will increase to a point where you will not even believe it. So if you are ready to increase Instagram followers, follow Dr Tricks:

1- Produce quality and regular content

It doesn’t matter if you are a sales page for industrial valves or a blogger who loves climbing! To increase the number of your followers and get real followers Instagram, you must publish content that will make people follow you.

Please don’t repeat what others have said! These days, no one is looking for repetitive and clichéd content. All people are looking for new words and content. Try to produce content that no one has had before or at least choose a different style for your page.

I love seeing pages that use cool graphics and colors for their posts. You should also learn to produce posts with attractive graphics.

2- Interact with your followers

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Everything changes in the world, and so does the Instagram algorithm! Instagram posts are not shown in chronological order like before. The more followers pay attention to your post; Instagram will show that post to others sooner.

Increasing the engagement of followers Instagram is not a difficult task. For example, ask them questions about different topics. Ask them to comment on your photos. Make users leave comments under your post, send messages to your directory and send your post to all their friends.

Here we review some practical and basic methods for creating content:

Share educational content in the form of a post or story: Followers welcome educational content and even send it to their friends.

Write long captions: Long captions engage followers Instagram more. For example, tell a story in the caption of your posts. By writing a story, followers will read your caption to the end. Tell the story of your brand or product. Don’t forget to use emoji in the caption.

Ask your users to do something: Get your followers to do something with a valid offer. For the audience to listen to you, buy your product, or even click on the button you want; To Click, there must be a solid reason: For example, if users need your product, they will click on the link you mentioned.

But beyond these; Sometimes, how the content is seen and published is more important than creative ideas for content production, which we will introduce below:

3- To get real followers Instagram, don’t neglect the story when publishing content

Stories are seen much more than regular posts. story features; You won’t find a polling system, voting, countdown, etc. anywhere else. Survey users. Ask questions that encourage followers to answer or reply. Story stickers have their world. Make the atmosphere friendlier with these stickers and increase the interaction of followers Instagram.

4- Be seen faster with related hashtags

You have to be patient for followers Instagram, but we don’t intend to spend years on this. So the sooner the better!

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Hashtag shows you to others. But not every hashtag!! If you use hashtags related to your work in your captions and stories, people who are your real followers; find your page faster than usual.

5- Gain the trust of followers

The trust of followers Instagram?!! Perhaps, after seeing this headline, you may ask yourself, how can we gain the trust of followers in a space like Instagram, and why is it necessary to do this? But I must tell you that you cannot do anything without the trust of your followers.

Let’s be honest! Without the trust of followers Instagram, they neither buy from you nor care about your words. So please do your best and don’t worry!

6- Hold exciting competitions

Hearing the word “competition” the adrenaline of people rises and the excitement makes the followers do anything to win.

One of the best ways to increase real followers of your page is to hold contests and give prizes. Followers love to compete and win prizes. The buzz of the attractive contest will spread on Instagram and increase the number of your followers. By running a contest, you will also greatly reduce the high costs of advertising.

7- Live and IGTV is your winning card

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Instagram Live is one of the best ways to get real followers Instagram, which can be said to be one of the Instagram followers cheap. To attract followers using Live; You must hold Live for two people. If you are a blogger or want to do personal branding, then have a two-person live with one of your friends or one of the Instagram users. By doing this, the followers of the opposite page will follow you. Of course, you should choose the topic discussed live according to the taste of the followers of both sides.

8- Advertising; Great chance to increase followers Instagram

Use every opportunity you get to introduce your Instagram page. It doesn’t matter whether online or offline; Advertising always works. You may have a well-visited site and a strong LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Use these social networks and promote your Instagram page.

But advertising on the Instagram application also has its methods, if it is smart, it will dramatically increase the number of real followers, but otherwise, your investment will just be wasted!

How to increase the number of followers with IGTV?

Here again, we return to the discussion of content; But video content. There is no doubt that video content engages users much more than other content. In whatever field you operate, your users will welcome video.

Our suggestion is to make educational content in the form of a movie. Let’s say you’ve prepared a 30-minute tutorial. Let your followers know about this and share some of this content with them every night. These videos will increase user engagement and your followers will share them with others. This will increase the number of your followers Instagram.


Many people have used these methods and increased their followers Instagram.  These methods are guaranteed and safe.  It is very valuable that you stayed with us until the end of this article.


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