How Tiktok Broke Social Media? [ Everything You Need To Know ]

The question of many users is how tiktok broke social media. According to the new data from the statistical institute “App Annie,” the Tik Tok application has overtaken YouTube in the average video viewing time per user in the United States and England! It can be said that Tik Tok has finally defeated YouTube! Stay tuned with DrTricks.

According to these statistics, American and English users spend more time on Tik Tok than on YouTube to watch videos. Users have used YouTube for an average of 22 hours per month, while Tik Tok’s share reaches 24 hours monthly.

According to “Jamie McEwan,” an analyst of the statistical institute “App Annie,” this statistic can be considered a turning point in Tik Tok’s performance and will be a great success for this platform.

It should also be mentioned that YouTube, with more than 2 billion monthly users, is 700 million users ahead of Tik Tok, and that’s why the total time spent watching videos on YouTube is higher than Tik Tok. But how tiktok broke social media?

It should be noted that this statistic is only taken from Android users. But it is expected that other users will not make a difference in this statistic.


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Anyway, such a performance of Tik Tok is a big event. Because there has never been a service so close to YouTube, let alone a threat to YouTube, and in this regard, YouTube has provided users with the “Youtube Shorts” format to deal with this new threat. So that users can publish short one-minute vertical videos on YouTube.

TikTok has dethrone Google as the most popular website worldwide in 2021, ending the year with more traffic than the search giant. This report comes from web security company Cloudflare’s Top Domain Rankings for this year, which has seen some very interesting results.

TikTok’s victory over Google is a big win


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The question of many users is how tiktok broke social media. According to Cloudfer’s latest annual survey report, through its radar service, it has been revealed that TikTok has managed to take the #1 spot from Google. What’s worth noting is that this is a huge achievement for a video music platform, especially when you look at last year’s stats, where TikTok ranked seventh, and Google ranked first.

TikTok also managed to overtake Facebook as the most popular social media platform, with Facebook in third place, Microsoft now followed by Facebook, followed by Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp in that order. Although TikTok has been around for a while, it only gained popularity last year after the pandemic was in full swing.

As everyone is staying at home and looking for different ways to entertain themselves, this app was used by many people. In September, the app reported more than 1 billion monthly active users, eclipsing Facebook as the world’s most popular app on mobile devices. This included both Android and iPhone.

Cloudflare also noted that TikTok could have been in the lead for a few days in February, March. However, the app managed to top most days after August 10. Cloudflare stated, “There were some days when Google was #1, but October and November were mostly TikTok days, including on Thanksgiving (  November 25) and Black Friday (November 26). Stay with us in continuing the article on how tiktok broke social media.

It’s also important to note that the ranking may not represent the whole picture. Cloudflare noted that “the ranking is derived from our Public DNS Resolver and therefore is not related to the number of unique users or visitors it receives monthly.” It means that the ranking shows only a fraction of the total traffic of these websites.


However, beating Google to the top spot is no easy feat, and TikTok recognizes that


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According to the internal documents received from the Meta company, Instagram’s excessive effort in developing the Reels section as a weapon to fight Tik Tok has not yielded good results. The documents show that Reels has less than a tenth of the engagement rate of TikTok videos, and that number is trending downward. Part of these documents, entitled Creators x Reels State of the Union 2022, were released in the form of confidential and internal documents in the company and show that the level of user interaction with Reels is not only not close to what is seen in Tik Tok but is also decreasing. And they decreased by 13.6% within a month. But here we want to say how tiktok broke social media.


One of the major drawbacks of Instagram Reels is its original content. The document shows that a third of Instagram content is created elsewhere and reposted on the social network with a watermark. This means that Instagram contents are not original in many cases. Meta has spent only one-tenth of the one billion dollars that was supposed to be spent on the development of this sector.

A Meta spokesperson downplayed the report, saying that its statistics are not valid and that, on the contrary, the Reels section is flourishing and becoming more popular. It was not long ago that Mr. (Adam Mosseri), the director of Instagram, said that the company focused too much on video content, but on the other hand, in his opinion, photographers are still important on Instagram.


Instagram, after the reaction of users

Instagram has backed down in some cases after the strong reaction of users to the recent changes in this social network. Lately, meta managers have been accused of imitating Tik Tok, and many are highly critical of the direction taken. In the wake of these protests, Instagram announced last month that it was canceling some changes, such as a trial version that gave posts a full-screen view.

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Probably one of the important reasons for these setbacks is the recent reaction of Kylie Jenner and her sister Kim Kardashian to the recent changes. Kylie is the third, and her sister is the seventh most followed Instagram user. This week, the duo shared protest photos of other users with the captions, “Instagram again” and “Stop being Tik Tok, I just want to see my friends’ pretty pictures,” prompting even more protest movements. Follow us on how tiktok broke social media.

People who used the platform to interact with friends and family complained that their feed was flooded with videos they didn’t want to see. The backlash prompted Mr. Mossari to say in a video message on Tuesday (before the Kardashian sisters shared the protest posts): “More and more parts of Instagram are going to be video.” But Kylie and Kim have caused an important change in this policy.



The victory of Tik Tok against Facebook (how tiktok broke social media)


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It seems that there is a tough competition between Facebook and Tik Tok these days, and while Facebook is trying to imitate Tik Tok’s capabilities, Tik Tok has said that it does not intend to become like Facebook.

It is not bad to know how tiktok broke social media. Before joining Tik Tok in 2019, Chandli worked at Facebook for 12 years and was one of the main executives of the company. He has said that his experience at Facebook tells him that Tik Tok will beat all competitors.

Recently, the disclosure of the documents of the meeting of Tom Ellison, the current president of Facebook, with some executives of the company showed that Facebook is very worried about the popularity of Tik Tok and plans to prepare programs to prevent this.



The emergence of Tik Tok with more than one billion users around the world, has caused the order of the recent trend of social networks and their policies to be challenged. For example, Instagram announced last month that all videos posted on the social network will be converted to Rails, and of course, this change will never be reversed. Rails is a relatively new Instagram feature similar to Tik Tok’s video style.

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