How Many TikTok Videos Should I Post A Day + Post Training

TikTok is one of the most popular interactive media on social networks. TikTok took the world by storm in 2017. Since its inception in 2016, TikTok has been downloaded over 2 billion times. Social media successor Musically has had a lot of controversy. But it is an excellent way for people worldwide to share TikTok videos. But how many TikTok videos should I post a day, and how to increase video views on TikTok? Stay tuned with DrTricks.

Since TikTok is technically a social media app. Everyone wants thousands or tens of thousands of views on their shared videos. Psychologists have stated that over 69% of people share videos on social media for validation. But how many TikTok videos should I post a day?

How many TikTok videos should I post a day

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Upload a video at least once a day. If you are active on TikTok, your videos will likely be seen and shared. Keep uploading even if you don’t have the number of views.

How to find videos on TikTok and communicate with other users


See TikTok videos playing in the app’s feed or home screen

Well, up to this point, you have set up and configured the profile section; now tap on the first tab, which is the feed or home page of the app, and show videos.

This section is similar to the feed in the Twitter social network, but with the difference that the main content of the TikTok app is video and the Twitter app is text. If you enter the program but do not have followers, the program itself will randomly send videos that have become very popular in the video feed. As you follow and interact with more people, your feed becomes more personalized to your interests.

Like, comment, or share TikTok videos that you enjoy watching

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When you find a video you like, you can tap the heart icon to like it or write your opinion about that video in the comment section. To share the video with others, press the forward icon that looks like a pointed arrow next to the comment icon to see your sharing options. All these icons are on the right side of the video.

If you enjoyed watching TikTok videos and want to see if this user has more exciting posts, swipe left to enter the user’s profile. Stay tuned in the article on how many TikTok videos should i post a day.

Search for videos on TikTok

Tap the second tab or the magnifying glass to enter the search section of the app. From this tab, you can search for user accounts or videos, or you can take a look at the bottom of the search bar and look for videos based on trending topics.

Follow TikTok users through videos, search bar, and TikCode


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If you want to keep in touch with active users who make great videos, you can follow them by pressing the icon that includes their profile picture and the + sign above the like button on their video.

If you already know the TikTok account or the person you want to follow, you can enter their name in the search bar and then press the “Users” filter option. You can also find them by scanning (TikCode is similar to a QR code and can help you search for users). These codes can be helpful for commercial brands or people who want to promote their TikTok channel on other websites or in real space. This feature can be great for people who want to follow you. In response to how many TikTok videos should i post a day, it should be said that you should post at least one video a day.

To find your TikCode, go to your profile and tap the icon with four squares in the top right.

To search other people’s TikCode, go to the search tab and tap the square scan button next to the search bar.

When the scan screen opens, hold the desired TikCode to scan. The scanning process starts immediately, and you don’t need to press other buttons. Within seconds after a successful scan, you will be taken to that person’s profile. If you have taken a screenshot of the code through your phone screen, you can press the “Photos” option in the upper corner of the screen in the scan section to load and scan the code.


Teaching how to post in TikTok and how many Tiktok videos should i post a day

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Adjust the camera to record your video and consider special effects

Tap the center tab to the camera section to make a video. Tap the Flip icon on the top right to get the camera facing correctly. On the right side of the screen, you will also see icons for the following:

Speed: This icon allows you to record your video slowly or fast.

Beauty: AR filter feature (works by opening your camera, overlays a layer of images you like on top of your original image) that can blur skin blemishes and make your skin look smooth.

Filters: This feature allows you to change the color filter of the camera.

Timer: If you want to record the video without pressing a button, the timer allows you to set the recording of TikTok videos automatically through the countdown.

Flash: This function is used to adjust the brightness during video recording.

How to make a video duet in TikTok

Did you like the music post you saw? Want to share a video with the person who made it? TikTok allows you to react to that post by making a mixed video. To use this feature that you already met in the Musical.ly program in TikTok, find the video you want to duet with, press the share button to see the sharing options, Then press the “Duet” option in the bottom row in the middle. But how many TikTok videos should I post a day?

Your camera screen will appear next to the video. From there, you can hit the record button and sing, dance, or do whatever you want with the music.

To show you what the finished product looks like, here’s a great example:

If you post and don’t want another user to duet with you, you can tap the “Duet/React Off” button on the post page before you publish the video.


Some ideas for making TikTok videos

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Yes, TikTok may seem like an extraordinary app right now, but it may become a great tool to attract and spread awareness to your young audience in the future. As you come up with creative ideas to create your first TikTok videos, here are some tips to help you create unique and engaging posts. Follow these tips with the article How many TikTok videos should I post a day?

  • Create exciting moments using special effects. There are many effects to making videos according to the taste and expectations of users. So deal with them and try them out.
  • Use music. Most of the videos posted on this app have some music or sound effect in the background.
  • Create a video with several parts. This will make your TikTok videos look more exciting and active.
  • Make videos with a natural sense of humor or wit. As you know, people install this app for fun.
  • Use hashtags that are popular these days and make a challenge video. Then, include the relevant hashtags in your post title so that your TikTok videos show up with them when searched.
  • Look at what other brands are doing to learn some tips. While your company may not need to join the TikTok program, other brands’ video posts can give you ideas for your strategy.



In this article, we have tried to introduce you to everything you need to make a video in the TikTok program; it is better to say, how many TikTok videos should I post a day? Any tip is applicable. You can choose the tactic that best suits your needs. Attracting TikTok users is not easy. It takes a lot of effort. If you follow our recommendations, you will eventually increase your views on TikTok. But if your visit does not improve despite following the advice, you should contact support.

Maybe your account has other issues related to TikTok servers. But overall, increasing interaction and visits is not too complex. Try to make high-quality content-rich clips and publish them at the best time and at least once a day. Also, don’t forget to interact with other users.

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