How Do You Get A Blue Tick On TikTok?

For those who work professionally on the popular social network Tik Tok, a blue tick on TikTok is one of the most important topics, because having a blue tick on TikTok will increase your fans and increase your credibility on the TikTok network.

In this article, we will talk to you about what the blue tick is and how to get it. TikTok is an emerging social network where people from all over the world can connect by making, sharing and watching short and engaging videos. If you are also a user of this social network and follow your favorite singer, actor, brand, or celebrity, then you must have noticed the blue icon next to your username. Stay tuned with Dr Tricks to learn more about this TikTok feature.


What is a blue tick on TikTok?

Since there are always different and fake pages created in the name of famous people on social networks, many social networks use the verified label or Verified Badge for authentication to assure users that it is the account of the person they want to follow. It is not fake, they use it. This means that pages that have received this badge are linked to the original account owner or brand.

Who can get tick confirmation?

There are various factors for this, including whether you are famous, active, etc., or not.  And secondly, do you know the rules of TikTok and follow them well? Of course, TikTok will not approve those who violate the rules and policies of the app.

With these interpretations, a blue tick on TikTok does not mean 100% approval from TikTok, and all users are obliged to respect the rules of the program, whether they have a blue tick or not.

What are the benefits of a blue tick on TikTok?

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Relying on this badge can help famous people to build more trust in the user and make them better able to communicate with their audience.

Where is the TikTok Verified Badge displayed?

If you don’t see a blue tick on TikTok sign directly under their username in someone’s profile, but it is displayed in other parts of the profile (such as the biography section), it is not a verified account. Note that this badge is only officially issued by TikTok and is always placed in a specific place (below the username).

What is a Popular Creator in Tik Tok?

If you read this article, you want to know how do you get a blue tick on TikTok.  Most importantly, you should know that this platform was previously known as music.ly and had a completely different system for verifying user accounts. But now there is this topic under the title of Verified Badge and Popular Creator in the program, we explained the first one and now we will talk about Popular Creator.

As mentioned above, TikTok previously operated under the name musical.ly, at which time some people on the app were very famous. After that, when musical.ly was renamed to TikTok, popular users on Musically received the Popular Creator badge for the number of followers, likes, and videos they produced.

Get a blue tick on TikTok


If you have been with us until now, you must have noticed that people with blue badges are famous personalities such as actors, singers, influencers, and people like that.  With these interpretations, if you are not one of these people, you will not be eligible to receive this badge.

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But the thing to pay attention to is to pay attention to the post that TikTok has put on its official blog, several factors are considered that can help you get a blue tick on TikTok that has a lot of activity in the program and also a high reputation among users is one of the most important.

As mentioned before, the rules of this social network must be followed, and if you violate the policies of TikTok, you should not expect to receive this badge.

Maybe the meaning of these terms is a little vague and confusing, but it is quite clear that the blue tick on TikTok is only given to people who have been active on the network for a long time and have a good history among users. If you want to be one of these people you have to be hardworking. Next, we will teach you how to become an influencer on TikTok who is qualified to receive this badge.

How to get a Popular Creator badge?

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Anyone with a significant number of followers can receive this badge. Of course, the number of followers is only one of the factors and your daily tick activity is also one of the most important factors.

As your popularity on TikTok increases, more people will talk about your posts. Your growth can help you receive the creator mark over time. In fact, by regularly publishing high-quality videos and getting more likes from other users, the chances of getting this badge will increase. In a word, to be able to get the title of Popular Creator, you need to become famous on TikTok.

If your account has all the above factors and you have regular activity, you don’t need to do anything. Social networks constantly monitor the account of active users and if the account is eligible, they give them their special badges.

Increase your followers

Having many followers is one of the most important factors. With these comments, you should be able to increase your followers. This certainly requires the production of high-quality content, that is, attractive and creative discussions. By following accounts that have a large following, you can find out which categories of content on TikTok get the most feedback and focus your video content production on these topics.


Of course, if you manage to get the blue tick on TikTok, it will change your life, because after that your popularity will increase greatly and you can easily earn from the program, for example, advertise a specific brand or become an influencer on the network.



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