Get Your Music On TikTok And How To Make Your Own Music On TikTok

How to make your own music on TikTok and get your own music on TikTok

To get your music on TikTok is not a difficult task, but what if you want to add more than one song to your clip? Although TikTok doesn’t natively allow you to do this, there are ways to make it possible. Follow along with Dr Tricks to explain how to get your music on TikTok and add two or more pieces of music to your TikTok clips.

How to get your music on TikTok

Before we go into detail on how to add songs to a single TikTok clip, let’s take a look at how to add a single song to a video.

  • Open TikTok on your mobile device.
  • Tap the + button below.
  • Choose the length of your video (up to 15 seconds/60 seconds and 3 minutes) and start recording. This app also allows you to upload your videos for up to 5 minutes.
  • In the next window, you can perform additional edits, including adding music. Click the Sounds option below.
  • Search the Recommended section and get your music on TikTok. You can also use the search option to find something specific.
  • When you get your music on TikTok, press the Scissor icon in the left corner.
  • Choose the part of the song that they like to sit on your video work. Check the mark when you are done.
  • To return to the editing screen, click on the sound box and press Next.
  • Now you will be taken to the Posting screen; Where you can add captions, hashtags, and mentions. Click Post to publish the video.

How to find interesting sounds in Tiktok?

If you come across TikTok whose music you like, you can easily save it in your profile and use it later:

  • Find Tiktok with the audio track.
  • Tap on the music bubble in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Add to Favorites
  • Now you will be able to quickly access that sound from the Sounds -> Favorite section when creating a new TikTok.

How to get your music on tiktok (two songs through the app itself)?

It’s possible to add multiple songs to a TikTok through the app itself, but they’ll overlap, meaning they’ll play at the same time by default. Currently, TikTok doesn’t allow you to assign a specific song to just a part of a video. But if you want to experience it, do the following:

  • Once again, go through steps 1 to 10, but when you get to the posting page, make sure you click on the Who can watch this video option and select the Only me option.
  • With this, you will be able to continue editing the video before showing it to the world. Press Post.
  • The video you made should appear in your gallery.
  • Go back to TikTok and upload the video by tapping on the Pictures icon in the left corner of your device.
  • When it is uploaded, click next
  • If you think you need to edit your video a bit. Then click Next once more.
  • Select the Sounds icon once again.
  • Tap on it to select the second song as well. These two songs should now be playing at the same time.
  • One thing you can do to make it an interesting background is to adjust the volume of the first song and the new sound you added.

Don’t forget that you can also use saved sounds from people’s TikTok. All of them are in the Favorites tab.

How to add two songs in TikTok using a third-party app?

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Using a third-party video editing program, such as InShot, can help you get your music on TikTok and add in different parts of your video.  Be careful though, as TikTok is cracking down on copyright infringement and may block your account if you upload copyrighted music.

Instead, we recommend checking out a service like Lesfm, which only allows users to download background music that isn’t copyrighted to TikTok. Keep in mind that you still need to credit the website when using these songs. Alternatively, you can always use the sounds or songs you record. Let’s see how you can add multiple songs to your videos and get your music on TikTok. 

Adding music for TikTok videos and how to make your own music on TikTok

  • Open InShot on your mobile device
  • Tap Video and select the clip you want to add music to. You can use a video you’ve already made on TikTok that already has a song uploaded on top of it. Alternatively, you can use a video you’ve made.
  • Drag the slider to the right in the video feed at the bottom to split the clip into two parts as desired. One will play the song you have already added on TikTok and the other will play a new song in the top menu choose the Split button. This video will now be divided into two parts.
  • Tap the Music option.
  • Tap on the part of the video where you want to add new music.
  • Set the volume to zero and press the check mark.
  • Click the Tracks button.
  • Choose a sound that covers that part of the video. You can use the InShot music archive without worrying about copyright infringement.  However, if you want to use your sounds and are sure there are no problems, you can select “My Music” from the top.
  • You will see a list of audio files that you have saved on the device. Tap on the one you want and press Use.
  • Now the song feed will be added on top of your video feed and you can get your music on TikTok Drag the handle to adjust the duration of the song in that particular video section.
  • Now you can see and listen to the preview of the video with its sound by pressing Play.
  • If you are satisfied with your creation, put a checkmark on it.
  • Now just save the video in the gallery.
  • If you’ve used a video without sound, you’ll need to add two audio tracks, not just one, using the steps above.

Post a video

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  • Go back to TikTok and upload a two-song video just like the one shown above.
  • InShot adds its watermark to an edited video (unless you pay for the premium version), which you can overlay with a sticker. Just press the Stickers button at the bottom.
  • Add your favorite sticker and then click the Next button.
  • In the Post screen, don’t forget to change the recipient to Everyone and then hit Post.
  • Done. Tiktokers can now watch your video with a mixed musical background.


TikTok is a popular social network whose popularity among users is increasing day by day. One of the attractive features of this program is the ability to add favorite songs to different videos.

In this article, we reviewed the tutorial on how to get your music on TikTok. We recommend that you read the article Where To Edit TikTok Videos + Introducing The Editing Application for more information.



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