What Is The Best Challenge On TikTok?[22 Of The Most Popular Challenge On TikTok]

TikTok is an application that was first created in 2016 by China. This program was welcomed after its unveiling and some challenges bIecame a trend in it. These challenges are very diverse and many; Therefore, we will introduce the best challenge on TikTok.

At first, TikTok original name was Duin; But when this app became available globally in 2017, its name was changed to TikTok. People create user accounts in this application and upload short clips of themselves.

Many applications have been made and popular in the world to date and many users use them. TikTok is one of these popular applications. This program is now very famous around the world.

What has made a lot of noise about this application is the interesting challenges of this program, which has been able to quickly find its place among teenagers and young people.

New TikTok challenges are introduced below. You can also stay with Dr Tricks to get enough information about these fascinating challenges.

What are the best challenges on TikTok?

Like Instagram, TikTok has features such as following and liking. Also, to be successful in this application, you must be creative and produce attractive videos. Sometimes a person may have very few followers, but by producing an attractive video, he will quickly become successful.

In this regard, the best challenge on TikTok can play an essential role in the growth of TikTok pages; Therefore, in the following, we introduce the latest funny TikTok challenges.


1. TikTok Challenge Unlock It (Lock It)

This fun and simple dance is filled with the song Unlock It (Lock It) on TikTok. You can do the moves anywhere, and it’s growing in popularity as people do it at work, on vacation, or in large groups.

2. “Yah Trick Yah” dance challenge

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One of the best challenges on tiktok is the song “Yahhh!” It may have been released in 2007, but it’s going viral on TikTok in 2021. Set to the beat of Soulja Boy’s classic, this dance is everyone’s favorite because of how easy it is to perform. Simply lip the lyrics to “Yah Trick Yah” at the beginning and then do a few moves at the end to complete this challenge, which is currently dominating the for You page. This is one of the best challenges on TikTok right now.

3. Get up challenge on TikTok

This TikTok trending challenge is set to another song from the 2010s, this challenge includes a dance to the 2016 song “Get Up” by Ciara featuring Chamillionaire. While it’s a bit more advanced and requires some skillful moves, all you need to complete this dance challenge is a lot of energy. If you do this at your workplace, you will get more points.

4. Challenge Up

Cardi B’s song “Up” climbed to the top of Billboard and also to the top of the for You TikTok page. You have to do this challenge with high moves and energy because it is one of the most famous TikTok challenges and best TikTok challenges.

5. What You Know About Love

Among the TikTok challenge names, this dance is popular with couples and best friends alike. This dance is set to the song “What You Know Bout Love” by Pop Smoke. TikTok’s most popular challenges force you to draw a heart with your hands, do some quick moves, and stand next to someone you love.

6. Perfect match dance challenge; best challenge on TikTok

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This challenge is all about showing how your and your partner’s differences complement each other. Each person sarcastically describes himself. Then they dance in a circle while holding hands.

7. Without telling me to challenge

This challenge has become one of the most popular TikTok challenges and while it can be used for almost any scenario, people tend to do it to make fun of their friends. The original video is set up by saying something like, “Tell me your friend is messy without telling me your friend is messy.” Other users then share a video showing the mess their friend made.

8. Reese’s Puffs TikTok Challenge

For these new TikTok challenges, all you have to do is dance to this hilarious beat, which just repeats the phrase Reese’s Puffs over and over. Then add text that describes the funny situation.

9. Now look at this challenge

These TikTok Trending Challenges challenge users to come up with some of the weirdest and funniest videos they’ve ever taken or seen on the internet. Film Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘n’ Nite” and then share your video.

10. Cheering crowd; best challenge on TikTok

The sound of this challenge is simple: the sound of the crowd clapping. The challenge here is that you have to do something small or stupid. Be sure to use subtitles or video descriptions for each action.

11. Clown challenge on TikTok

For this challenge, all you have to do is add text to your video describing a time you’ve been fooled or done something wrong while using the popular clown filter. While the songs in this challenge vary, the most used song is “Pan Con Choclo” by Firenetics, uploaded by user Angi_randxm.xD.

12. #DistanceDance tic-tac dance challenge

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If you want to do good with your dancing, this challenge is for you; The challenge was initiated by Charlie D’Amelio, the number one person in the TikTok program. For all videos uploaded with the #DistanceDance hashtag, a donation will be made to the Feeding America charity.

13. Say So Dance TikTok Challenge; best challenge on TikTok

Among other TikTok dance challenges, the popular TikTok application in the past months is the simple and exciting Say So dance. You only need two minutes to complete this challenge and learn the dance. The music for this challenge is Say So by Duja Kat. Among the names of TikTok challenges, this is one of the most popular.

14. Blinding Lights TikTok challenge

If you are a fan of pop music, you are probably familiar with The Weeknd. This popular singer released a new album in the past months; The album was well received by fans. Given the Weeknd’s fame, creating a challenge based on his new songs was predictable.

Over the past few weeks, many people have taken on the Blinding Lights challenge, which is based on a track from The Weeknd’s new album. To complete this challenge, you need three dancers; This caused many TikTok program members to participate with their family members. This is one of the best challenges on TikTok.

15. Attention challenge; best challenge on TikTok

If we want to choose one item as the most difficult challenge of the TikTok program, it will be the Attention challenge. This challenge was created based on a song of the same name by Tadrick Hall, and its completion requires significant physical preparation and flexibility.

16. First Name Love TikTok challenge

Unlike the scary TikTok challenge, romantic challenges become the most trending and get attention. In this challenge, two couples have to call their partner not by any word they normally use, but by their first name and record their reaction.

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17. Cheering crowd

This is one of the humorous challenges in the TikTok application. In this challenge, a person is encouraged by a crowd of imaginary people after doing a trivial task (such as sneezing)!

18. Yah Trick Yah

Yah Trick Yah is the name of a song that reached people in 2007.  But after many years, he became famous in the TikTok application with his name. All you have to do is hum the lyrics along with the singer. Because it is not difficult to complete this challenge, it has many fans.

19. big bank tiktok challenge

Big bank TikTok challenge is another best challenge on TikTok. In this challenge, a person can start dancing anywhere he likes. It doesn’t matter whether it is indoors or on a trip. You can also do this interesting challenge.

20. Distance Dance

This challenge was first created by Charlie D’Amelio. This challenge is considered a charity because, for all videos uploaded with the hashtag #DistanceDance, a donation will be made to the charity Feeding America.

So if you plan to do good and be happy for a moment, this challenge is for you. The song name of this challenge is Big Up’s and it is by Jordyn, Nic Da Kid.

21. Savage Dance

This challenge, which was created based on the song Savage by Megan C. Stallion has become very popular among TikTok application users and was able to be included in the list of the best TikTok challenges. Do not neglect this beautiful challenge.

22. simple dimple TikTok

The challenge is all about playing the Russian song (Simple dimple tiktok) while you do the wiggling dance.

The challenge is gradually trending as it gets over 616.8K views on Tiktok


It can be said that the best challenge on TikTok is one of the features of this program. Especially the new challenge training that has contributed to its significant growth over the years.


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